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o R.I.P. James E. Gunn, 97, sci-fi writer & Hugo winnerLenona

Subject: R.I.P. James E. Gunn, 97, sci-fi writer & Hugo winner
From: Lenona
Newsgroups: rec.arts.books.childrens
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 02:51 UTC
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Subject: R.I.P. James E. Gunn, 97, sci-fi writer & Hugo winner
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(short obit)

First paragraphs:

Author James Gunn, 97, died December 23, 2020. Gunn was a science fiction author, editor, scholar, and anthologist.

James Edwin Gunn was born on July 12, 1923 in Kansas City MO. He earned two degrees from the University of Kansas, wrapped around three years of service in the US Navy in WWII and a year of freelance writing that produced nine stories. Published under the pseudonym Edwin James, they include his first two, ‘‘Paradox’’ and ‘‘Communications’’, which appeared in 1949 in Thrilling Wonder and Startling.

Gunn took a job with Western Printing in Racine WI, working on the Dell paperback line, before returning to freelancing following a fortuitous trip to the 1952 Worldcon in Chicago, where he met Mack Reynolds, Clifford D. Simak, Jack Williamson, and his agent Frederik Pohl, among others...
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