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arts / rec.arts.books.childrens / Happy (late) 80th, Penelope Naylor! (Painter/illustrator)

o Happy (late) 80th, Penelope Naylor! (Painter/illustrator)Lenona

Subject: Happy (late) 80th, Penelope Naylor! (Painter/illustrator)
From: Lenona
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Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 04:56 UTC
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Subject: Happy (late) 80th, Penelope Naylor! (Painter/illustrator)
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Her birthday was on the 13th. Born in NYC, she now lives in Anna Maria, Florida.
 (includes photo)
 (some paintings)
 (a few book covers)
 (review of Black Images)

WORKS (it's not clear how many are juvenile):

Sculpture: The Shapes of Belief, F. Watts, 1971.
(Self-illustrated) Spider World, F. Watts, 1972.
Black Images: The Art of West Africa, photography by Lisa Little, Doubleday, 1973.
The Woman's Guide to Business Travel, Hearst (New York, NY), 1981.
"Also author of travel writing for major travel firms, and scripts on the family, and child psychology for Butterick Educational Films, 1976."


Laura Baker, A Tree Called Moses, Atheneum, 1966;
Bernice Kohn, Ferns: Plants without Flowers, Hawthorn, 1968;
Francine Klagsbrun, The First Book of Spices, F. Watts, 1968;
D. X. Fenten, Plants for Pots, Lippincott, 1969;
Alvin Silverstein and Virginia Silverstein, Bionics: Man Copies Nature's Machines , McCall Publishing, 1970;
Fred Warren and Lee Warren,The Music of Africa, Prentice-Hall, 1970.


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