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arts / rec.arts.books.childrens / Happy (late) 80th, Lynn Haney! (The Flash Gordon Book, 1980)

o Happy (late) 80th, Lynn Haney! (The Flash Gordon Book, 1980)Lenona

Subject: Happy (late) 80th, Lynn Haney! (The Flash Gordon Book, 1980)
From: Lenona
Newsgroups: rec.arts.books.childrens
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2021 03:51 UTC
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Subject: Happy (late) 80th, Lynn Haney! (The Flash Gordon Book, 1980)
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Aka Lynn Haney Trowbridge, her birthday was on the 12th. She lives in Guilford, Connecticut.

I'm guessing at least four of her books are juveniles. She's better known for her celebrity biographies.
 (photo and 2019 article she wrote on writing)
(book covers)
 (reader reviews)


The Lady Is a Jock, Dodd, 1973.
(With Mason Reese) The Memoirs of Mason Reese: In Cahoots with Lynn Haney, Dodd, 1974.
Ride'em Cowgirl!, Putnam, 1975.
Chris Evert: The Young Champion, Putnam, 1977.
Perfect Balance: The Story of an Elite Gymnast, Putnam, 1979.

(Adaptation from a novel by Arthur Byron Cover based on a screenplay by Lorenzo Semple, Jr.) The Flash Gordon Book, Putnam, 1980.
(Text) I am a Dancer, Putnam, 1981.
Naked at the Feast: A Biography of Josephine Baker, Dodd, Mead, 1981.
(Text) Show Rider, Putnam, 1982.
(Text) Skaters: Profile of a Pair, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1983.
(Adaptation from the novel by Alan Dean Foster; based on a screenplay by Jonathan Betuel) The Last Starfighter Storybook, Putnam, 1984.

Gregory Peck: A Charmed Life, 2003.


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