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arts / rec.arts.books.childrens / Happy 90th, Edward Packard! (Author of Choose Your Own Adventure series)

o Happy 90th, Edward Packard! (Author of Choose Your Own Adventure serieLenona

Subject: Happy 90th, Edward Packard! (Author of Choose Your Own Adventure series)
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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2021 21:37 UTC
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Subject: Happy 90th, Edward Packard! (Author of Choose Your Own Adventure series)
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He attended Princeton & Columbia and now lives in East Hampton, NY. He's  a former lawyer and a poet.

Author of dozens of C.Y.O.A. books, the "Escape" series, "Earth Inspectors" series, & "Space Hawks" series.

His grandson is actor David Corenswet, who stars in Netflix's "The Politician."
 (long booklist, awards, and long article about his life and work)
 (same, different layout)
 (a few covers and synopses)
(a LOT about the books)
 (book covers, categorized)
(photos, book covers)
 (long interview)


"Looking back, what are you proud of?"

Edward Packard: "What I’m most pleased with is that my interactive books have generally been a force for good, for increasing literacy and love of reading among children. I think it was in the same month that I got a letter from a teacher saying, 'I teach gifted children and they're so responsive to your books, they love them,' and a letter from another teacher saying, 'I teach children who are challenged with reading and they love these books.' That was a great to know. I’m not constructed as a do-gooder type person, but I feel really good that, inadvertently, that’s how I ended up."
 (2014 interview of the creator of "A Musical Tribute to Edward Packard: Master of Adventure")


Nathan: "Where did the idea of a musical tribute come from?"

Diego: "The idea of making this musical tribute began when I made an interview with Edward Packard – the interview was published in a digital magazine I have here in Argentina called Lafarium Cuartiquis.  It’s a fantasy phrase that means “room without space or time”. I made contact with Edward Packard through email, he was very kind, but also he is very funny because he said I will answer your questions but give me some time. Some time was three months.

"It was in 2012. At the end of the special edition, where I also interviewed the Chilean Visual Baker, responsible for the remake in eBook format of Underground Kingdom, I got the idea of a CD tribute to Packard. I thought it was an interesting and intriguing idea: how would each book of Packard translate to a different musical style?"
 (from July 2020 - registration required; it's about the new documentary)

From "Contemporary Authors":

"Author of introduction to Bantam classic edition of "The Swiss Family
Robinson," 1992. Packard's books have been translated into numerous

"Born on Long Island, Packard wrote his first book at age twelve, an
introduction to astronomy that was never published. From astronomy,
his interest turned to meteorology, and he spent another year reading
everything he could lay his hands on about that subject. 'I read quite
a bit as a kid,' Packard once told CA, "but I wasn't what you'd call a
bookworm.' "
 (two Kirkus reviews)
 (reader reviews)
(video interview that's a little under an hour long; he only shows up in the last 25 minutes)
 (2:44 minute video)

"Edward Packard reached the conclusion that there are just three keys to making wise decisions and not making stupid ones. The keys are universal. He sets them forth in this book."


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