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arts / rec.arts.books.childrens / R.I.P. Budge Wilson, 93 (Canadian author: Before Green Gables, 2008)

o R.I.P. Budge Wilson, 93 (Canadian author: Before Green Gables, 2008)Lenona

Subject: R.I.P. Budge Wilson, 93 (Canadian author: Before Green Gables, 2008)
From: Lenona
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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2021 03:29 UTC
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Subject: R.I.P. Budge Wilson, 93 (Canadian author: Before Green Gables, 2008)
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By Haley Ryan. First paragraphs:

Acclaimed Nova Scotia writer Budge Wilson has died at the age of 93.

Wilson died Friday evening in a Halifax hospital with a friend by her side. Wilson had been dealing with complications from a fall in early March.

Best known as a children's author, she wrote more than 30 books for all ages.

"She isn't entirely gone," Andrea Wilson, Budge's daughter, said Sunday. "She's left a legacy through her writing, and through the people she's inspired."

Wilson began her writing career later in life, publishing her first book in 1984 when she was 56, according to a biography from Dalhousie University, her alma mater and the home to her personal archives.

Andrea remembers how Wilson would curl up with her daughters in the evenings and tell them a story she'd made up that day. It was usually a "continuing saga," and Wilson always left them on tenterhooks wanting to know what happened next.

"But first my sister and then me, we wanted to read our own books and read ourselves to sleep," Andrea said.

"So she didn't have anyone to tell stories to, but they kept on coming. So she started writing them down."...
(birthday post from 2017, with many links)


Her name at birth was Marjorie MacGregor Archibald.

A former teacher and librarian, she used to divide her time between Peterborough, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. She now lives in the latter.

She wrote introductions to L.M. Montgomery's "Anne of Avonlea" and "Anne of the Island."

"Has worked as freelance editor, journalist, commercial artist, and photographer."

"Contributor of short fiction to numerous periodicals, including Dinosaur Review, Horizons, Magook, Chatelaine, and Crackers; work represented in anthologies, including Canadian Children's Annual, Inside Stories 2, and Winter Welcomes. Child-care columnist for Toronto Globe and Mail in the mid- 1960s under name Marjorie Wilson."

"She received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in June 2012."


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