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arts / rec.arts.books.childrens / Happy 80th, Jim Trelease! (The Read-Aloud Handbook, 1982)

o Happy 80th, Jim Trelease! (The Read-Aloud Handbook, 1982)Lenona

Subject: Happy 80th, Jim Trelease! (The Read-Aloud Handbook, 1982)
From: Lenona
Newsgroups: rec.arts.books.childrens
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 03:00 UTC
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Subject: Happy 80th, Jim Trelease! (The Read-Aloud Handbook, 1982)
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He lives in Enfield, Connecticut.

I love his guide; it has so many good anecdotes.
(his home page)

"After writing his million-copy bestseller, The Read-Aloud Handbook, in 1982, Jim Trelease lectured in all 50 states and abroad, advocating the benefits of reading aloud to children. In doing so, he won the applause of both teachers and parents for his pleas in behalf of literacy efforts that contain less 'pain' and more focus on turning books into friends, not enemies.

"While more than 60 colleges use his Handbook as a text for education students, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, and Spanish editions now reach parents and teachers worldwide, even inspiring the successful 'All of Poland Reads to Kids' campaign in Europe.

"Jim retired from the lecture circuit in 2008 and wrote his seventh (and final) edition in 2013 (see his retirement letter for a recap of his adventures). In 2018 he picked Professor Cyndi Giorgis of Arizona State University to take over the writing and editing of future editions of what is now named Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook."
 (reader reviews)
 (a few interviews)


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