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o Garth Brooks; political matchesDavid Dalton

Garth Brooks; political matches


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From: (David Dalton)
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Subject: Garth Brooks; political matches
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 01:52:33 -0230
Organization: Eternal September
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 by: David Dalton - Thu, 15 Jun 2023 04:22 UTC

Garth Brooks has gotten some criticism from some lately
because of his support of Bud Light.

From the “various matches” thread, which is linked to from my
Eight Sexual Harmonics matchmaking theory page, which is at :

Garth Brooks is straight-type-1-M and is optimally compatible
e.g. with straight-type-1-F Hillary Clinton (who is only partially
compatible, i.e. less than optimally compatible and less
likely to stick) with her bim (male attracted to both genders,
not necessarily having sex with both genders) husband
Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton is bim and is optimally compatible (sexually
and musically) e.g. with straight-type-2-F (compatible,
i.e. orgasmic up close, only with bims) Joni Mitchell
and bim Tom Waits (who may have broken up with
his partner?). Until recently Joni had an old lock
that prevented her from getting together with bims,
but that has been rendered incomplete.

Donald Trump is bim and optimally compatible
e.g. with straight-type-2-F Sarah Palin (who also
had an old lock).

Melania Trump is bif (female attracted to both
genders) and optimally compatible e.g. with
straight-type-2-M (compatible only with bifs)
Chris Isaak (who also had an old lock).
Melania is only partially compatible with Donald.

Stormy Daniels is straight-type-1-F and optimally
compatible e.g. with straight-type-1-M Irish musician
Luka Bloom. She has been in a series of partially
compatible relationships with bims (males
attracted to both genders).

Optimally sexually compatible relationships lead to
healing effects and longer lifespans for those involved,
and maximum orgasms, and lifelong fidelity.

Note that I currently do not have the matchmaking
ability, but I suspect that Garth’s partner Trisha
is not optimally sexually compatible with him and
may be straight-type-2-F. But perhaps I am wrong.

I wonder if Trump will bow out of the race and
endorse DeSantis? I hope not, even though I am

-- Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"This could be the final breath; This is life and death;
This is hard rock and water; Out here between wind and flame;
Between tears and elation; Lies a secret nation" (Ron Hynes)


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