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arts / rec.arts.sf.movies / "Army Of The Dead" on Netflix

o "Army Of The Dead" on NetflixLynn McGuire

"Army Of The Dead" on Netflix


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From: (Lynn McGuire)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.movies,rec.arts.sf.written
Subject: "Army Of The Dead" on Netflix
Date: Sat, 22 May 2021 23:58:04 -0500
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 by: Lynn McGuire - Sun, 23 May 2021 04:58 UTC

"Army Of The Dead" on Netflix

"After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the
ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest
heist ever."

Recommended if you like zombie movies. Very bloody and violent.


arts / rec.arts.sf.movies / "Army Of The Dead" on Netflix


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