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If you can lead it to water and force it to drink, it isn't a horse.

arts / rec.arts.books / To embrace you with blue horizon

o To embrace you with blue horizonIlya Shambat

To embrace you with blue horizon


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Subject: To embrace you with blue horizon
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 by: Ilya Shambat - Thu, 7 Sep 2023 21:39 UTC

To embrace you with blue horizon
And enfold you with starry night
Means to see through the man's devising
And by Passion to set it right.

That Life shines with galactic splendor
And arises in purple dawn
Means in Humankind to engender
Beauty that goes down to the bone.

In the foam of caressing clouds -
Like in foam of the ocean waves -
Floats Life's Essence - and the mind's doubts
Find inside them Etheric graves.

Can you hear me? Oh can you hear me -
Can the Wind from the Southern shores
Take your atoms and bring them near me
That I feel the one I Adore?

Can the air that last week caressed you -
Air that bathed you along its flight -
Bring to me Cosmic Truths which blessed you
And delight me with your sweet light?

Can the rain from Miami carried
Fall upon me and kiss my cheek
With the essence of my beloved
That I'm near to the one I seek?

Droplets! Wind! I am jealous of you
That you touch her, and I cannot -
And from gusts that come streaming from you
Wisps of Julia to me float.

Wind and clouds! Wanderers of heaven
!Flying from the South to the North -
As you Swirl, Sail, Uplift and Travel -
Bring to me my love!
Love, come forth!

And before my life will vanish
In the final glory of rays
I'll enfold you, the one I cherish,
With Horizon that I embrace.

arts / rec.arts.books / To embrace you with blue horizon


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