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o Free-thinking and LibertariansIlya Shambat

Free-thinking and Libertarians


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Subject: Free-thinking and Libertarians
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 by: Ilya Shambat - Thu, 28 Sep 2023 03:18 UTC

Many libertarians believe that they are thinking freely. Most of them do not. In fact I found in many of these people the behavior of regarding actual free-thinkers as lunatics.

So we see people portraying as free thought denial of global warming or a claim that there is a Satanic conspiracy among world leaders. This is not free thought, this is foolishness. If there has been such a conspiracy, then you would be dead and I would be dead. As for global warming, the evidence for it is overwhelming, and it takes gouging out your eyes not to see it.

I actually know a thing or two about free thinking, and I can say right now that these people do not measure up as free-thinkers. They don’t have free thought. They have a party line. And if you do not follow this party line, there is hell to pay.

As for actual free-thinking, it is a very important pursuit. Free thought is necessary for people to come up with anything new. Everything manmade started as an original idea. And original ideas start in minds that operate in original ways – which, as such, will always see someone claiming them to be insane.

I have not seen libertarians come up with original ideas. What they have, once again, is a party line. This is like the Communists claiming to own progress even as they lagged greatly behind the West technologically and economically. In my experience, they were some of the most intolerant people that you would find, and ones most resistant to actual free thought.

If you are a libertarian, I would encourage you to do more to explore and study. That way you are less likely to do stupid things. As for free-thinking, I have seen it across ideologies as well as outside ideologies, and in all cases there was merit in it.

There will always be leaders and there will always be followers. It is to be expected that the followers be less impressive than the leaders. Most Christians don’t compare to Christ, and most objectivists do not compare to Ayn Rand. The leader starts with free thought. The follower adopts it as gospel and then behaves sheepishly under the banner of free thought.

As for actual free-thinking, it is a major risk. A free-thinker will always see people portraying him as crazy or evil. I have decided to take that risk because I have original things to say and I’m willing to face the consequences of saying them.

Libertarians should take that risk themselves and actually become free-thinkers. At which point they may actually achieve the freedom for which they claim to speak.

arts / rec.arts.books / Free-thinking and Libertarians


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