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arts / rec.arts.books / Alt-Right: WASPs and Jews

o Alt-Right: WASPs and JewsIlya Shambat

Alt-Right: WASPs and Jews


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Subject: Alt-Right: WASPs and Jews
From: (Ilya Shambat)
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 by: Ilya Shambat - Thu, 19 Oct 2023 01:22 UTC

It appears that in America there is a strong new movement that calls itself alt-right. According to them, black people are lazy and violent, Jews are evil manipulators, and Muslims are terrorists.

I ask these people: Where would America be without Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy and Colin Powell? I ask these people: Where would America be without Albert Einstein, Mark Spitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Adam Sandler, Steven Spielberg and Ayn Rand? I ask these people: Where would they as former Tea Party be without the Koch brothers? All these people contribute a lot to America. And they contribute much more than they would if they had simply assimilated into the WASP culture, as some people say that they should..

Every culture has something wrong with it. That includes the White Anglo Saxon Protestant American. Now there are many things that are right with that culture, and they have the right to affirm these virtues. The stress on character, hard work, strength and ethics is right. The biggest problem with this culture is emotional repression. Apparently feelings are for the weak and the stupid, and anyone showing feelings is trampled down. For people who do such a thing, the greatest nightmare is a feelings-oriented person with a brain, as many Jews are. They are a nightmare for two main reasons. One is that they cannot be credibly portrayed as stupid and thus form a refutation by counterexample of this falsehood in their worldview. And the other is that they have the wits to be able to help other feelings-oriented people whom they want to trample down. So portray them as evil manipulators or dangerous individuals. Brand them with untreatabled disorders. Or claim that their whole culture is evil.

Regarding the black people, I am close to a number of black ladies who experienced domestic violence, and from what I have heard from them I feel like punching the men who had treated them that way in the face. However this is not limited to black people, and I feel the same way about a number of people who are Muslim, Russian, Australian and the American WASP. That some black people are lazy and violent is certainly correct. However there are any number of others who are no such thing. It is correct to go after the guilty; but do not stick these labels on the innocent. I have seen a number of good efforts that the black people are doing to improve the behavior of people in their community, and these efforts deserve respect. Yes there are stupid hoodlums who are black. But there are also many black people who are admirable individuals, and they do not deserve to be blamed for the sins of the hoodlums.

One thing they are right about is that political correctness is wrong. Yes, it is completely wrong. Not only does it fail to achieve its stated goals of tolerance and respect, but it makes them impossible. For me to actually tolerate or respect you I must understand your perspective. For me to do so you must be able to express your honest opinion, however offensive it may be. If you cannot express your honest opinion because someone considers it offensive, I will never understand your actual perspective, which means that I will not know whether or not to extend to you actual tolerance and respect.

Maybe the WASP culture has been criticized too much, and it may be valid that it should remind people of the positives in it, of which once again there are many. However do not in the process bring back features that are wrong. Do not bring back emotional repression. Do not bring back coldness. Do not bring back meanness and cruelty. If you do that, it will always be only a matter of time before something like 1960s happens again.

So yes, celebrate the things that you are right about and that are right in your character. But do not portray as evil or lazy or violent or whatever people who are none of these things and many of whom are strongly contributing citizens. America benefits from many black people and many Jews. And it is rightful that these people be properly credited for the work that they are doing for America.

arts / rec.arts.books / Alt-Right: WASPs and Jews


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