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arts / rec.arts.books / Re: Whos In The News - Jew Hating Jews

o Re: Whos In The News - Jew Hating JewsPluted Pup

Re: Whos In The News - Jew Hating Jews


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Subject: Re: Whos In The News - Jew Hating Jews
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 by: Pluted Pup - Fri, 20 Oct 2023 00:39 UTC

On Thu, 19 Oct 2023 16:14:46 -0700, chromebook test wrote:

> The Anti-Defamation League's D.C. chapter condemned the protests Wednesday evening.
> "Although they claim to do so, these far-left radical organizations do not represent the overwhelming majority Jewish community," ADL DC Regional Director Meredith R. Weisel wrote. "Rather, these groups are anti-Zionists that challenge Israel's very right to exist. Let's be very clear - anti-Zionism is antisemitism."

Let's be real clear, Jews who criticize Israel do so through
their vitriolic hatred of antisemitism, and not through antisemitism

That's occurred to me from reading Jewish criticism
of Israel, such as Jack Bernstein's "Life in Racist Marxist Israel"
or in Bob Lilienthal's book "What Price Peace".

Debates between Jews are hokey because they are on the
same side. All any Jews have to say to non-Jews are:
"Jews are always right, antisemites are always wrong."

> Hundreds of pro-Palestinian Jews arrested: 'A moral catastrophe'
> Pro-Palestinian Jews called for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas during huge Capitol Hill protest
> Hannah Ray Lambert By Hannah Ray Lambert , Jon Michael Raasch Fox News
> Published October 19, 2023
> tags: guess who,

arts / rec.arts.books / Re: Whos In The News - Jew Hating Jews


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