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An artist should be fit for the best society and keep out of it.

arts / rec.arts.books / Tyrannical parenting and democracy

o Tyrannical parenting and democracyIlya Shambat

Tyrannical parenting and democracy


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Subject: Tyrannical parenting and democracy
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 by: Ilya Shambat - Thu, 26 Oct 2023 03:12 UTC

There are many proponents of tyrannical parenting who think that they are doing their country a favour by doing what they do.

They are not. Tyrannical parenting fails to adequately prepare people for living in a democracy.

When raised in households where one person makes all the decisions, people do not learn compromise and negotiation. The only situations in which they do is if they’ve seen their parents work through their differences like adults. And this happens in households in which the parents are equals..

Authoritarian parenting prepares people for authoritarian politics. So that even when afforded the rights and liberties of a democracy, a person raised in authoritarian parenting favours authoritarianism with his vote. We see this with many people in America voting for people such as Reagan and Bush and the people in Iran supporting the Ayatollah. If raised in authoritarianism, people will vote for authoritarians. And the mechanisms of democracy will be subverted to support authoritarian politics.

People living in a democracy need to be made prepared for the democracy; and that means they will have to learn compromise and negotiation. These skills must be instilled since an early age. Which means that the democratic household arrangement, in which the male and the female wield equal power and work with one another like adults, is the correct household model in which to raise people for a democracy. They will see their parents practicing compromise and negotiation with one another. Which means that they will know how to do the same thing with people in their lives and in their political activities.

When my ex-wife’s father was telling her that she should listen to me as a man, I told him that I didn’t believe anything so stupid. He told me that I was stupid and arrogant. I am a Christian, but I believe that this particular Christian teaching is wrong. Once again, if one parent makes all the decisions, the children never learn compromise and negotiation. Which means that they are ill prepared for a democracy.

Preparing people for a democracy should start at an early age. Children need to learn compromise and negotiation. And they will do so, once again, if they see their parents do that with one another, instead of growing up in tyrannical households in which one person’s word is the law.

arts / rec.arts.books / Tyrannical parenting and democracy


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