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My theology, briefly, is that the universe was dictated but not signed. -- Christopher Morley

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 by: Ilya Shambat - Tue, 31 Oct 2023 21:48 UTC

He said that you were playing games
But I and you both know better:
Through passion heart on life makes claim
And makes false manacles to shatter

He said that you were playing games,
But I know wicked game he's playing
Which racket without stop or shame
The people played for three millenia:

Of treating you most terribly
Until, in anguish, you be tempted
Or broken; which would prove the lie
That women are to be mistreated -

He said that you were playing games
But I'm not playing; I am willing
To love you and you to defend
Until he stops, or else he kills me.

Let's play this game, this game of life,
Let's play this game while we're still here:
Love cuts like spear - like a knife -
And by it overcome is fear

Let's play, sweet love! In air and sun
And by the ocean iridescent:
You're strong and beautiful and young
And your soul shimmers incandescent

And when the people can espy
This game of love - this game of beauty -
Let their spirits also fly
And see all rackets stand refuted.

arts / rec.arts.books / Games


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