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o The tale of two citiesIlya Shambat

The tale of two cities


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Subject: The tale of two cities
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 by: Ilya Shambat - Sun, 12 Nov 2023 07:57 UTC

Feminists want many men to examine their beliefs about women. I, for one, know very well why I believe what I believe.

I spent the first 12 years of my life in Russia. In that country, there are two major influences on this matter. One is the traditional Russian influence, which is very brutal and misogynistic. The other are the writers, poets and intellectuals who fought this influence and spoke in favour of love.

I took after the second influence. It was a very difficult and dangerous position to be in. It cost me hugely at psychological level. I had good will toward women, and I maintained it in face of very nasty and very powerful interests. Only to have American feminists portray me as a misogynist and treat me as the lowest form of life.

The real misogynists are pissing themselves laughing. Here is someone who otherwise would be allied with feminism, but whom feminists have chosen to demonize. If the feminists are that foolish, they have no chance of winning any social debate.

One powerful constituency in favor of feminism has been the idealistic intellectuals in the mode of John Stuart Mill. These men detested seeing women being treated in vicious and ugly manner, and they wanted to help women fight the men who behaved in that way. When women behave in vicious and ugly manner themselves, they alienate this constituency. It makes no sense to be in favor of women just because they are women. It makes sense to be in favor of people – both women and men - who choose to be good to others and against people who treat other people like dirt. And when women themselves treat people like dirt, they lose the support of people who come from idealistic or ethical considerations.

At this point in time, we have the Tale Of Two Cities scenario. In one city, vicious women maliciously mistreat men who have goodwill to women. In the other city, violent thugs brutally mistreat women who have goodwill to men.. The two feed into each other. The misconduct of each side gets used by the other side to claim that the other gender is bad and worthy of mistreatment. The two have neither the guts nor the power to touch one another. Instead they abuse, respectively, the men and the women who have done the least to contribute to either problem.

It is much easier to attack people who bear you good will than it does to attack people who bear you real ill will. I have seen these feminists do absolutely nothing to confront real misogynists such as Ayatollah, Michael Murphy or Eminem. It’s easier to yell at me than it is to confront real enemies.

What we see here is cowardice and hypocrisy. And that discredits the women’s cause.

arts / rec.arts.books / The tale of two cities


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