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Everyone is more or less mad on one point. -- Rudyard Kipling

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 by: Ilya Shambat - Sun, 19 Nov 2023 03:33 UTC

I will become your mirror
Showing you what you are
Making your beauty clear -
Clear as a shooting star -

I will reflect your nose
And your blue giant eyes
Your tasteful, fitting clothes
And your athletic thighs

I will reflect your hair
Elegant, long and white,
Your haunting, soulful stare
And loving, healing light,

Your noble, gorgeous features
And your heart, soft and warm
And all the precious creatures
That you hide from the storm -

I will reflect your kindness
And your internal state,
Your talent and the timeless
Beauty that you create,

Your incandescent passion
Your love and tenderness
Your elegance and fashion
Everyone that you bless -

See your reflection in me
That I give back to you
What you evoke within me -
And if it be untrue,

Shatter me like a mirror
Scatter me wide and far
Forcing me to revere
As you say au revoir,

And as I piece the fragments
Into a disco ball
It will show without raiments
Essence and heart of All.

Ilya Shambat

arts / rec.arts.books / Mirror


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