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arts / rec.arts.books / Crime fiction: Anders de la Motte, "Rites of Spring"

o Crime fiction: Anders de la Motte, "Rites of Spring"Steve Hayes

Crime fiction: Anders de la Motte, "Rites of Spring"


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From: (Steve Hayes)
Subject: Crime fiction: Anders de la Motte, "Rites of Spring"
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2024 07:04:38 +0200
Organization: Khanya Publications
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 by: Steve Hayes - Thu, 11 Apr 2024 05:04 UTC

I've just finished finished reading _Rites of Spring_ by Anders de la

My review here:


Unlike most Scandinavian whodunits I've read, this one does not have
an alcoholic detective heading for divorce, or already divorced, as
protagonist, with all the angst that goes with that condition.

That puts it high up on my list of crime/detective novels, the top
ones being the following:

Conrad, Joseph. 1964. Under Western eyes.
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. 2005. Crime and punishment.
Vine, Barbara. 1993. Asta's book.
Stanley, Michael. 2008. A carrion death.
de la Motte, Anders. 2020. Rites of Spring.
Griffiths, Elly. 2018. The stranger diaries.
Penny. Louise. 2020. All the Devils are Here.
Robotham, Michael. 2009. Shatter.
Rowe, Michéle. 2013. What hidden lies.
Walters, Minette. 1998 [1993] The ice house.
George, Elizabeth. 1994. Playing for the ashes.
James, P.D. 2002. Death in holy orders.
Rickman, Phil. 2006. The remains of an altar.
Robinson, Peter. 2007. Piece of my heart.
Sayers, Dorothy L. 1934. The nine tailors.
Walters, Minette. 2007 [1998] The echo.
Mankell, Henning. 2004. One step behind.
Rendell, Ruth. 1995. Simisola.
Rickman, Phil. 2005. Midwinter of the Spirit A crown of lights.
Robotham, Michael. 2008. The Night Ferry.
Stanley, Michael. 2011. Death of the Mantis.
George, Elizabeth. 1998. Deception on his mind.

How many have you read, and how do you rate them?

And what are your favourites that are not on the list?

Stephen Hayes, Author of The Year of the Dragon
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arts / rec.arts.books / Crime fiction: Anders de la Motte, "Rites of Spring"


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