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Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2019 23:26 UTC
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Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.current
Subject: [NEWS] 'Star Trek Lower Decks' first images & cast (animation)
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The art style looks better than the recent Star Wars animated shows. Remains to be seen how good the animation and storylines are though.

From ...

    Star Trek Lower Decks Cast & First Images Unveiled
    During their Comic-Con panel today, CBS All Access revealed
    the Star Trek: Lower Decks cast and first look images from
    the animated series! Check out the images in the gallery

    Gallery:  (6 images)

      Teaser Poster      Ensign Mariner      Ensign Tendi      Ensign Rutherford      Ensign Boimler      Lieutenant Shaxs, Captain Freeman, Commander Ransom, & Dr. T'ana    Today's panel offered a first look at Star Trek: Lower
    Decks, the upcoming animated series from executive producer
    Mike McMahan. The series will star Tawny Newsome as "Ensign
    Beckett Mariner," Jack Quaid as "Ensign Brad Boimler," Noel
    Wells as "Ensign Tendi," Eugene Cordero as "Ensign
    Rutherford," with the ship's bridge crew voiced by Fred
    Tatasciore as "Lieutenant Shaxs," Dawnn Lewis as  "Captain
    Carol Freeman," Jerry O'Connell as "Commander Jack Ransom,"
    and Gillian Vigman as "Doctor T'Ana."

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