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o Orphans and WitchesPaul S Person

Orphans and Witches


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From: psper...@old.netcom.invalid (Paul S Person)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.movies
Subject: Orphans and Witches
Date: Tue, 16 May 2023 12:42:12 -0700
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 by: Paul S Person - Tue, 16 May 2023 19:42 UTC

Notes on two films that impressed me enough that I bought them on

/Orphan: First Kill/
If you saw the movie /Orphan/, you may recall a back story for Esther
(the Demon Child of the best Demon Child film I have ever seen). To
avoid spoilers, I will summarize it as: she did it before.

This film follows the slightly more-detailed account in the original
movie, but with a twist. The back story, after all, was compiled by
the Authorities in conjunction with interviews with Esther, a
distraught young girl. The real story is a bit different.

It is, in fact, the origin story of the persona known as "Esther".
That is, the Demon Child starts by merely impersonating Esther, a
missing child. This works surprisingly well, given her many odd
behaviors, her never-before-known interest in art, and her accent.
Indeed, you may wonder why the family accepts her so readily -- until
the twist explains it. By the end of the film, the Demon Child has
acquired and perfected her new identity -- Esther.

/The Witch: Renegade/
This is a Korean film and, apparently, the Korean word rendered as
"witch" has different connotations from the English word. So, don't
expect any pacts with Satan or riding on broomsticks.

Instead, this is the story of a product of genetic engineering who
escapes from the Evil Corporation at age 8 and is adopted by an older
couple. She drops out of sight, and the search for her is suspended.

Ten years later, her very bubbly best friend gets her to enter a
talent contest and, on one of the rounds, she causes a microphone to
float in the air. The Evil Corporation, of course, immediately
reactivates the search/capture mission. Two teams compete in this, and
there is lots of violence, shooting, and so on. IOW, hilarity ensues.

Think /Firestarter/ done correctly. Not that she actually starts any
fires, but the basic situation is the same: girl with powers pursued
by evil organization.

There is a second film, with an older girl, which is also quite
exciting once it gets going. And, at the end of that film, the two
band together to go take out "Mother". So there may be a third film in
the pipeline, who can say?
"In this connexion, unquestionably the most significant
development was the disintegration, under Christian
influence, of classical conceptions of the family and
of family right."

arts / rec.arts.sf.movies / Orphans and Witches


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