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o Watched in JulyJack Bohn

Watched in July


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 by: Jack Bohn - Fri, 4 Aug 2023 13:35 UTC

The popular ones:
Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

I realized I didn't own it yet. Rewatch reinforced that it has more to say about the world it has created than our world.

Debug (2014)
One of four movies bought for $1.25 each. As a gesture towards keeping up, I determined to watch one.

A horror in space movie, so bring up the enormous spaceship, in this case, a decommissioned freighter due to be put back in service, and six convicts of computer crimes and their guard sent to shut down rouge programs and debug the operating system, and they discover something unexpected. Unfortunately, the wires are visible. Not in the special effects, I don't look for those, but in the plot. Not only can't this job be done remotely, but they must split up, one operator to each of the six computer control centers (although each has an implanted Heads-Up Display which keeps them all in face-to-face communication). The characters show a range of flaws, which either doom them, or which are hidden strengths in the crunch.
On the DVD is a Making Of featurette, which is of the "how do you feel" type, with a strong dash of "sell the film." It barely mentions the biggest money-saving trick, which they pulled off well. I had hoped it would mention the government or corporate department which logo is on the guard's shirt; it also seems to be the design of the tattoo/chip/RFID on the side of the convicts' heads, at some point I'll have to rewatch the movie to pick up that fact.

This may be the end of the experiment. My temporary lay off ends, and the monthly viewing will be reduced to a trickle. Even more of a trickle than it is now!


arts / rec.arts.sf.movies / Watched in July


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