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o Re: what do they know about us - Heinlein's "Goldfish Bowl"a425couple

Subject: Re: what do they know about us - Heinlein's "Goldfish Bowl"
From: a425couple
Newsgroups: alt.astronomy, alt.ufo.reports,
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Date: Sat, 21 May 2022 15:29 UTC
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Subject: Re: what do they know about us - Heinlein's "Goldfish Bowl"
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On 5/20/2022 3:19 PM, R Kym Horsell wrote:
In alt.astronomy a425couple <> wrote:
On 5/19/2022 8:31 AM, wrote:

Apropos all the buzz about growing acceptance UAP are real and seem to
be increasing, -------------

    Maybe the Aliens Really Are Here
    Scientific American, 21 June 2021
    But if so, it's probably in the form of robotic probes-something both UFO
    enthusiasts and SETI scientists should be able to agree on.

Yeah, interesting.
Two thoughts come to mind.
#1 from Arthur Clark's
"In the middle of The Fountains of Paradise, an unmanned robotic
spaceship of alien origin, called "Starglider" (from an origin
world dubbed "Starholme") by Clarke, passes through the Solar
system. This situation is similar to Rendezvous with Rama,
though the ship exterior and its interactions with humans are
very different."
IMHO, very worth reading (I will give specific page numbers
if you indicate interest.)

#2 in John Varley's 'eight worlds novels',
humans have been swept off earth, by a force so
superior that they hardly even notice us.

I remember a short story where people wake up one day and there's
a miles high waterfall in the middle of the Pacific and noone knows
who built it or what it is for. They realize someone else had been
quietly beavering along in the background and there was little hope to
understand much about them now.

But that was probably from the 1950s when SF authors didnt know much
about data science and big data. :)


"Goldfish Bowl" is a science fiction short story by American
author Robert A. Heinlein, first published in Astounding Science
Fiction in March 1942, and collected in one of Heinlein's
anthologies, The Menace from Earth.

Read the Plot Summary.

I guess, just because 'something' is out there,
does not mean we can really communicate and
'do deals' with it.

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