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arts / rec.arts.startrek.current / [NEWS] "Star Trek: Prodigy" logo and release date (kids' animated series)

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Subject: [NEWS] "Star Trek: Prodigy" logo and release date (kids' animated series)
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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 20:54 UTC
From: (Your Name)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.current
Subject: [NEWS] "Star Trek: Prodigy" logo and release date (kids' animated series)
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 08:54:09 +1200
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    Nickelodeon's Star Trek: Prodigy Animated Series
    Logo & Release Date Revealed
    Deadline¬†has revealed the official title of the upcoming
    kids-oriented CG-animated Star Trek series as Star Trek:
    Prodigy, which is set to premiere in 2021 on Nickelodeon.

    Logo image:

    The series is being developed by¬†Emmy winners Dan and
    Kevin Hageman (Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark) and
    will follow a group of lawless teenagers who discover a
    derelict Starfleet ship and take it on adventures while
    searching for meaning and salvation in the universe.

    The project is overseen by Ramsey Naito, and was first
    announced in April 2019.

    Prodigy comes from CBS' Eye Animation Productions, CBS
    Television Studios' new animation arm, plus Secret
    Hideout; and Roddenberry Entertainment. Alex Kurtzman,
    Heather Kadin will serve as EPs will Katie Krentz, Rod
    Roddenberry, Trevor Roth and the Hageman siblings. Aaron
    Baiers will serve as a co-executive producer.

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