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Re: Looks like there's going to be an interesting summer season (thread)


Posted: 12 Days 22 Hours ago by: meff

I've personally not watched Spriggan or Overlord but otherwise, I'm excited about the rest. In particular, I haven't seen more anime content from Aria or Utawarerumono in a long time and I've always wanted more from both series! I think



Posted: 14 Days ago by: T987654321

Lots of fan service with another weak plot and boring "monsters".

Looks like there's going to be an interesting summer season this year


Posted: 14 Days 2 Hours ago by: Arne Luft

I expect something from Made in Abyss season 2 Overlord season 4 Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro Aria movie Sword art online movie Bastard ova Spriggan ova Looks like there's going to be an interesting summer season this year. To be

Ponyo back in theatres this month.


Posted: 14 Days 22 Hours ago by: Bobbie Sellers

Three days only May 15, 16, 18! Further information at the following URL. < 22-05-05+1

Re: Ranma 1/2... (thread)


Posted: 21 Days 11 Hours ago by: meff

Not that I know of. Urusei Yatsura is getting a reboot tho.

Ranma 1/2...


Posted: 22 Days 1 Hour ago by: Shurato

(NOTE: IceEdit 2.35 K96741) I got in touch by a friend telling me that there is going to be some new Ranma 1/2. Is this true? Does anyone have more information?

Osamu Tezuka's old manga A different side to the God of Manga/


Posted: 23 Days 1 Hour ago by: Bobbie Sellers

Hi there, Well as most of those familiar with me know due to limited space I read most of manga online. Recently several old Tezuka manga have shown up including the dramatic manga "Ayako" and "Barbara" both stories about young women.

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