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Life is just a bowl of cherries, but why do I always get the pits?

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Disneyland Resort Pictures from 5/26 & Tokyo Disney Resort from a


Posted: 1 Day 14 Hours ago by: disneygeek Hello everyone, I started off my long Memorial Day weekend with a visit to the Disneyland Resort []Friday. The full picture set along with a number of picture posts is ava

Re: 'The Little Nigger Mermaid' is the latest of Disney's poor unfortunate remakes


Posted: 4 Days 12 Hours ago by: Obama Disease

On 09 Aug 2021, Yak <> posted some news:sesqa2$v84$ Search for "The Little Mermaid side-by-side," and you'll land upon several user-created videos drawing visual comparisons between Disney's 1989 hand-

Re: DeSantis requests the judge in Disney case be dismissed for


Posted: 8 Days 1 Hour ago by: Woke going broke

On 11 Feb 2022, B1ackwater <> posted some news:su60na$16uq3$ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) requested that the judge in Disney�s First Amendment case against him be dismissed, citing statements the ju



Posted: 8 Days 11 Hours ago by: Pelosi Family

On 11 Feb 2022, Yak <> posted some news:su60n9$16uq3$ We live in a world were we are surrounded by hidden messages and symbols� from the music we listen to, to what we watch, to the books we read. Is Dis

Re: TNB Brawl breaks out at Disney World after black family refuses to move for photo op


Posted: 9 Days 10 Hours ago by: Alvin Bragg

On 09 Nov 2021, "Andrew Anglin - White Supremacist Pedo Boy" <> posted some news:smferq$klc$ So much for the happiest place on Earth. A brawl broke out at Walt Disney World on Monday after one family

Re: Miller Lite downplays 'woke' ad following Bud Light Dylan


Posted: 12 Days 9 Hours ago by: Charlie Glock

Bud light is a swill beer but Miller Lite takes swill to an entirely new low. That beer rally sucks badly. -- Charlie Glock "To conquer a nation, first disarm it's citizens"

Re: Bud Light, Budweiser packaging to get redesign over Dylan Mulvaney crisis: source


Posted: 12 Days 12 Hours ago by: Transheuser-Busch

On 27 Dec 2021, Molly Bolt <> posted some Anheuser-Busch plans to temporarily redesign some of its Bud Light and Budweiser packaging as it scrambles

Re: Bud Light sales plunge 24% in latest week since Dylan Mulvaney disaster


Posted: 12 Days 12 Hours ago by: Anheuser-Busch hasn&

On 27 Dec 2021, Molly Bolt <> posted some Bud Light suffered its fifth straight week of worsening sales drops since the Dylan Mulvaney controversy beg

Re: Miller Lite downplays 'woke' ad following Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney disaster


Posted: 12 Days 12 Hours ago by: Boycott Miller too

On 03 Nov 2021, Rich Keebler <> posted some news:slv0fi$f8f$ Miller Lite launched a marketing campaign for Women�s History Month in March that railed against beer ads focused on bimbos in bikin

Re: Florida teacher under investigation for showing a Disney film with a gay character (thread)


Posted: 13 Days ago by: Teachers grooming ch

Kurt Nicklas <> wrote in news:smer9q$c6b$ A Florida teacher says she is being investigated by her school and the state�s Education Department after showing her fifth grade students a Disney animat

Re: Disney+ sheds 4 million subscribers because of LGBTQIA+ content


Posted: 18 Days 5 Hours ago by: Gay Woke Disney

pyotr filipivich <> wrote in news:sts8lf$1384j$ Walt Disney Co.�s streaming video business narrowed its financial losses in the most recent fiscal quarter compared with a year earlier. But

Re: DeSantis signs bill giving governor-backed board power to upend Disney deals


Posted: 22 Days 13 Hours ago by: Queer Blight

On 09 Nov 2021, "Text-Drivers R Killers" <> posted some news:smfees$kjo$ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has signed a bill that will allow the board he appointed to oversee Disney World to cancel ag

Disneyland Resort Pictures from 5/5 & Walt Disney World from April @


Posted: 22 Days 16 Hours ago by: disneygeek I posted my picture & video set from Friday May 5th at the Disneyland Resort [] featuring: * Disney Imagination Campus - Disney 100 Teachers Celebration Cavalcade * A

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