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aus+uk / / Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)

* Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)Kendrick Kerwin Chua
+- Re: Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)Russell Marks
`- Re: Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)Jaimie Vandenbergh

Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)


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Subject: Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)
From: (Kendrick Kerwin Chua)
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 by: Kendrick Kerwin Chua - Mon, 25 Oct 2021 23:09 UTC

Crap. Missed Monday by like ten minutes.


Skyrim (Switch) - Yeah.

Lost Judgment (PS4) - Well this is turning out pretty pleasant. Not being
the unstoppable brick outhouse that Kiryu is, Yagami has always found
himself in more awkward situations that are harder for him to get out of.
One of these scenarios involves him fielding phone calls from two
characters out of the previous game, just as he's having to beat up a room
full of has-been gangsters. It's sort of quietly hilarious in a way that
you wouldn't see in a mainline Yakuza game. I still haven't gotten out of
Tokyo yet, because I want to be in a good mood when I play and it's hard
to be in a good mood living in Florida.


Cotton 100 Percent and/or Panorama Cotton (PS4/Switch/MD) - Strictly
Limited's latest venture, which is selling briskly but not in a panicky
have-to-buy-it-now sort of way. If I have to pick only one I'll likely get
the Megadrive one, although that also means I get a separate cart and disc
for PS4. And these are proper SLG games and not titles that are likely to
show up at normal retail either, so I'm kind of torn.


Nothing game-related. My workplace has quietly put a deadline on mandatory
vaccination, which pleases me to no end because it means they're staking
out a clear and unambiguous stand on the matter. Get a jab or get the hell
out. How could anybody have a problem with that?


Balance forward - $3,989

-KKC, who mustremember to hydrate and eat better the day of the podcast.
-- "People with happy families don't become spies. A bad | kendrick
childhood is the perfect background for covert ops. You | @
don't trust anyone. You're used to getting smacked around, | io-nyc
and you never get homesick." - Michael Westen, /Burn Notice/ | .com

Re: Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)


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From: zgedn...@spam^H^H^H^ (Russell Marks)
Subject: Re: Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)
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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 11:00:01 GMT
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 by: Russell Marks - Tue, 26 Oct 2021 11:00 UTC

Kendrick Kerwin Chua <> wrote:

> Play:

Oekaki Puzzle (PS1) - several puzzles this time, salvaging the dream
of a sub-decade completion time. :-)

> Want:

Possibly the Grand Theft Auto PS2-era-trilogy remakes, as they seem to
be better than I'd expected. Supposedly they add mission checkpoints
which the older games were sorely lacking (you literally got one or
two *per game* if that), and make the combat a bit less terrible.

> Bin:

Most/all other GTA3/VC/SA releases being withdrawn from sale due to
the above. A stupid self-defeating move IMHO.


Re: Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)


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From: (Jaimie Vandenbergh)
Subject: Re: Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)
Date: 26 Oct 2021 22:36:23 GMT
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 by: Jaimie Vandenbergh - Tue, 26 Oct 2021 22:36 UTC

On 26 Oct 2021 at 00:09:36 BST, "Kendrick Kerwin Chua"
<> wrote:

> Crap. Missed Monday by like ten minutes.

*Checks time* 23h25 minutes for me!

> Play:
> --=--

Breath of the Wild (WiiU/Cemu/PC) - I completed the Champions Ballad DLC
quest series, yay! That was quite hard. The final boss made me "Uh?" and
"Hahaha!" when I realised. Great stuff, and I have my own little divine
beastlet now. So I thought hey ho, might as well do a Ganon run, and I
found all the diaries from Zelda and Rhoam that I'd completely missed
first playthrough, as well as all the other indoors bits of the castle.
Anyway, smooshed Ganon and done. Except I'm on like 59% quests
completed, so plenty more to do. I don't even have a giant horse yet.

We Were There - Together (PS4/5) - PMG with Gus, this trilogy of games
are a series of escape rooms or similarish puzzles, where two co-op
players are split up in a castle or snowscape and have first-person
views of different parts of the puzzle, or must be in two places working
two different things at the same time. Some of the puzzles are so
convoluted that you spend the first half hour just describing to each
other the things you have in your 'workspace' and playing with items
until you can construct the shape of the puzzle at all. And sometimes
the puzzle is a race against time, and you die trying. The first two (We
Were There and We Were There Too) are a bit rough and ready, but this
episode 3 is pretty polished now. Recommended for Internet play, not
couch co-op.

A quick buzz through some N64 games on the new Nintendo subs thing, with
the new N64 Switch controller. The emulations are a bit shit, tbh...
Ocarina is very laggy, like a quarter second or so, and
fog/transparency/reflections appear to be broken. SM64 and MK64 seem
Other related things are just flat out dumb - you can't use the N64
controller with the recent Mario Allstars Super Mario 64 because it maps
A/B to Jump, and... there's no X/Y on the controller for punch.
Workaroundable in the Switch controller options, but... honestly. No-one
thought of this?

> Want:
> --=--

Mmmm nothing game-related at the mo.

> Bin:
> -==-

Stupid meat shell.

> -KKC, who must remember to hydrate and eat better the day of the podcast.

And did you?

Cheers - Jaimie
"I'd tried caffeine a few times; it made me believe I was
focused and energetic, but it turned my judgment to shit.
Widespread use of caffeine explains a lot about the
twentieth century." - "Distress", Greg Egan

aus+uk / / Late Play Want Bin (PWBE 25ish Oct 2021)


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