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aus+uk / / Unexpected Change of Circumstances Play Want Bin (PWBE 21 Mar 2022)

* Unexpected Change of Circumstances Play Want Bin (PWBE 21 Mar 2022)Kendrick Kerwin Chua
`- Re: Unexpected Change of Circumstances Play Want Bin (PWBE 21 Mar 2022)Russell Marks

Unexpected Change of Circumstances Play Want Bin (PWBE 21 Mar 2022)


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Subject: Unexpected Change of Circumstances Play Want Bin (PWBE 21 Mar 2022)
From: (Kendrick Kerwin Chua)
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 by: Kendrick Kerwin Chua - Mon, 21 Mar 2022 00:09 UTC

Well, it could be worse. You could be a former ferry employee.


Demon's Souls (PS3/PS5) - I did not notice until Saturday that they had
rerecorded all of the voice performances for the new game. That makes a
certain amount of sense because this is the first time there's been
Japanese voices available for the game, as the original release was all
English for reasons I can only describe as purposefully twee. That has the
effect of making some interactions a bit less weird, because so many of
the characters were previously brusque and rude in a way that slowly
became charming, and now they're a bit more gentle and less unkind. Not
sure if that was a deliberate choice or not.


Elden Ring (PS5/XSX) - Maybe? The hype is catching up to me, but news of
the latest patch adding missing content (rather than just adjusting combat
slightly) bothers me greatly. It's not unlikely I'll hold fire until a
consolidated release that includes all the DLC gets put out later on. I
wish they would freaking well finish games before attempting to sell them.

A ridiculous pile of AS-region game discs and cartridges (Switch/PS4) -
Logged on to Play Asia for the first time in eight years and just went
bananas with the buying. A bunch of games that are only getting digital
releases in the west have carts and discs in Asia because you can't count
on the Internet to work in China still, and they mostly have English
language options because Square Enix is too cheap to leave out the
localisation options. So that's .hack/GU, Legend of Mana, Saga Frontier,
and a handful of other games that were previously only known to me as
Limited Run titles that I'm happy to have straight from the proper source.
Also some PS3 games for reasonable prices that I was missing before.


Nothing game-related.


Balance forward - $1,092

..hack/GU Last Recode (Switch) - $55
Fatal Frame: maiden of Black Water (PS4) - $43
Legend of Mana Remastered (Switch) - $40
Saga Frontier Remastered (Switch) - $40
Kemco RPG Selection Vol 1 (Siwtch) - $53
River City Girls (PS4) - $40
Atelier Totori (PS3) - $30
Atelier Meruru (PS3) - $30
Yakuza 1+2 HD Edition (PS3) - $51

Total to date - $1,464

-KKC, who just heard about the Kunio Collection and will buy ten copies.
-- "People with happy families don't become spies. A bad | kendrick
childhood is the perfect background for covert ops. You | @
don't trust anyone. You're used to getting smacked around, | io-nyc
and you never get homesick." - Michael Westen, /Burn Notice/ | .com

Re: Unexpected Change of Circumstances Play Want Bin (PWBE 21 Mar 2022)


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From: zgedn...@spam^H^H^H^ (Russell Marks)
Subject: Re: Unexpected Change of Circumstances Play Want Bin (PWBE 21 Mar 2022)
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Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2022 08:17:42 GMT
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 by: Russell Marks - Tue, 22 Mar 2022 08:17 UTC

Kendrick Kerwin Chua <> wrote:

> Play:

Burnout Legends (PSP) - somehow fumbled my way past the excessively
hard Road Rage event blocking off everything else in Super. After
that, things got way easier; it was more of a difficulty cliff than a
curve. Not finished yet, but looks promising at least.

> Want:


> Bin:

Not playing Burnout Legends to this extent sooner. I mean it's
obviously a bit flawed (that first Super event is just silly), the
graphics are inevitably weak compared to the console games, and I'd
have preferred Burnout 2's approach to the Burnout 3 one used here.
But it's pretty solid for a handheld racer.


aus+uk / / Unexpected Change of Circumstances Play Want Bin (PWBE 21 Mar 2022)


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