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aus+uk / / Re: Play Want Binterest Rate (PWBE 3 Oct 2022)

* Play Want Binterest Rate (PWBE 3 Oct 2022)Kendrick Kerwin Chua
`- Re: Play Want Binterest Rate (PWBE 3 Oct 2022)Russell Marks

Play Want Binterest Rate (PWBE 3 Oct 2022)


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Subject: Play Want Binterest Rate (PWBE 3 Oct 2022)
From: (Kendrick Kerwin Chua)
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 by: Kendrick Kerwin Chua - Mon, 3 Oct 2022 00:02 UTC

That's so odd. Cutting taxes doesn't seem to have helped anyone.


Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (Switch) - And, done. 100 percent of
the map unlocked, although there were like four or five rooms I needed a
FAQ to find because they were totally not obvious in any way. I've seen
all three of Miriam's endings now, and it's sort of strange that they
went with the old 16-bit method of just ending the story with no further
explanation or message to keep trying. I see this same weird
old-fashioned method of design in the other two game modes, where you
play either was one of Miriam's initial antagonists or as a different
character who just happens to be navigating some of the same map. The
lack of features (and story) feels lazy, even though this is exactly how
they bunged more content on to the end of a classic Metroidvania game
back in the day. I've had a good time but I don't think I'll be playing
any more at this point.


R-Type Tactics 1+2 (Switch) - The first R-Type Tactics was an odd time
sink on the PSP, a really deep tactical SRPG using the spaceships (and
convoluted narrative) of the R-Type shooter series. A second game only
ever came out in Japan, and for the longest time they've been
threatening to combine both games and squirt them back out into the
world on a single Switch cart. I would buy it in a heartbeat with the
understanding that I'll never have time to play it, because it's not
like I gave the original PSP UMD any time at all.


Nothing game-related.


Balance forward - $3,387

Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals (DS) - $30
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Maniax (XBX) - $20
Street Figher Alpha Anthology (PS2) - $20
Metal Slug Anthology (PS2) - $20
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS) - $30
Samurai Shodown Anthology (PSP) - $20

Total to date - $3,527

-KKC, who has to pick a new Switch game to ignore now.

Re: Play Want Binterest Rate (PWBE 3 Oct 2022)


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From: zgedn...@spam^H^H^H^ (Russell Marks)
Subject: Re: Play Want Binterest Rate (PWBE 3 Oct 2022)
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Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2022 20:30:17 GMT
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 by: Russell Marks - Tue, 4 Oct 2022 20:30 UTC

Kendrick Kerwin Chua <> wrote:

> Play:

Minetest (Linux) - more randomness. I'm not quite sure how it took me
this long to understand how water actually seems to work in the game,
but it did. To be fair, it is a bit odd the way you can e.g. hold back
a waterfall of any size with a moat exactly one voxel wide/deep.

> Want:


> Bin:

The (presumably) randomly-spawned abandoned dungeons in Minetest
usually having layouts a bit too eccentric to use as-is - they're also
a bit tight with the buried treasure. A fun feature though, especially
when you find one sitting halfway up a cliff.


aus+uk / / Re: Play Want Binterest Rate (PWBE 3 Oct 2022)


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