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aus+uk / / International Court of Play Want Bin (PWBE 20 Mar 2023)

* International Court of Play Want Bin (PWBE 20 Mar 2023)Kendrick Kerwin Chua
`- Re: International Court of Play Want Bin (PWBE 20 Mar 2023)Russell Marks

International Court of Play Want Bin (PWBE 20 Mar 2023)


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Subject: International Court of Play Want Bin (PWBE 20 Mar 2023)
From: (Kendrick Kerwin Chua)
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 by: Kendrick Kerwin Chua - Mon, 20 Mar 2023 00:40 UTC

It's okay, we won't extradite or recognise any foreign authority.


Like a Dragon: Ishin (PS5) - So many things that are fascinating and
inspiring about this game... that I will end up saving for the podcast.
I will observe here that the game is using this very recent history to
comment on current events, and not always in a way that reflects well on
the current state of mankind. There's a side mission subplot where a
visiting westerner (modelled on Bacchus from the original Yakuza series)
asks you for your opinion on the news in Japan that will end up
preceding the Meiji restoration, and a lot of worry about foreign
influence and military superiority still echoes modern Asian events.
I've had the ending of that particular story spoiled for me, which is to
say I know that it ends on an optimistic note that doesn't at all read
history backwards because it's essentially about a history still in
motion today.


My Evercade EXP Limited (Evercade) - Shipped! It's left the UK as of
four hours ago! Hopefully nothing happens to it in transit.


Nothing game-related.


Balance forward - $484

C-64 Mini (C64) - $40

Total to date - $524

-KKC, who needs to plug in this Commodore thing to make sure it works.

Re: International Court of Play Want Bin (PWBE 20 Mar 2023)


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From: zgedn...@spam^H^H^H^ (Russell Marks)
Subject: Re: International Court of Play Want Bin (PWBE 20 Mar 2023)
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 by: Russell Marks - Mon, 20 Mar 2023 14:00 UTC

Kendrick Kerwin Chua <> wrote:

> Play:

Minecraft (PSV) - on my newer save, I did the grind to get the End
portal working, beat the End boss, and looted the structures on an End
island. I'd managed to get five of the twelve items required (in this
case) for the portal via trading, before the Cleric villager seemingly
decided that'd be all I was getting that way. So there was still some
"wait for rare baddie to spawn and hope to get the relevant drop" -
the RNG on those drops was pretty bad too. Newer versions of the game
having a whole Nether biome dedicated to spawning only this baddie
nerfs the grind so much that doing it the old way was fairly brutal,
even in this reduced form.

Minecraft (PS4) - a bit more exploring, mostly of an impressive ravine
I spotted which cut right through the landscape almost all the way
down to the bedrock level. Unfortunately, once I'd attacked the lava
at the base of it with water to make things a bit safer, that area
seemed to just endlessly spawn slime cubes. Not bad for XP grinding I
suppose, but it made the area fairly annoying for doing anything else.
I did at least finally spot a "lush cave" biome a bit higher up
though, so not a total loss.

> Want:


> Bin:

Vita Minecraft seemingly requiring you to beat the End boss again each
time you want to tackle a group of the End's structures (the usual
approach to this seems to be to just reset the End dimension entirely
each time, as this version allows). This is quite limiting really, as
they have some of the best loot in the game, and navigating them while
fighting the baddies there is quite fun too.

Minecraft's explosive creeper baddies turning the area near my Vita
desert-temple base into a bit of a cratered moonscape during the
portal grind.


aus+uk / / International Court of Play Want Bin (PWBE 20 Mar 2023)


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