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aus+uk / / Re: Where to put my railcard on my Oyter card at Heathrow?

o Where to put my railcard on my Oyter card at Heathrow?Sam Wilson

Re: Where to put my railcard on my Oyter card at Heathrow?


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From: (Sam Wilson)
Newsgroups: uk.railway,
Subject: Re: Where to put my railcard on my Oyter card at Heathrow?
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 16:35:00 -0000 (UTC)
Organization: A noiseless patient Spider
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 by: Sam Wilson - Sat, 25 Jun 2022 16:35 UTC

Anna Noyd-Dryver <> wrote:
> Tweed <> wrote:
>> Graeme Wall <> wrote:
>>> On 24/06/2022 11:47, Tweed wrote:
>>>> Recliner <> wrote:
>>>>> Roland Perry <> wrote:
>>>>>> In message <t92h4k$nad$>, at 21:06:43 on Thu, 23 Jun
>>>>>> 2022, "" <> remarked:
>>>>>>> On 23/06/2022 18:32, Tweed wrote:
>>>>>>>> Roland Perry <> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> In message <t900aj$e3u$>, at 22:07:31 on Wed, 22 Jun
>>>>>>>>> 2022, "" <> remarked:
>>>>>>>>>> On 22/06/2022 21:43, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> "" <> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> it would not surprise me if the 'Merkins stick with
>>>>>>>>>>>> magstrips for a while.
>>>>>>>>>>> Indeed. Even when US issuers were forced to start using chipped
>>>>>>>>>>> cards, they insisted their customers continue to use signature
>>>>>>>>>>> instead of PIN as the rest of the world did. Apparently they were
>>>>>>>>>>> concerned that as Americans apparently carry more cards than the rest
>>>>>>>>>>> of the world, it would be too confusing to have separate PINs for
>>>>>>>>>>> each card.
>>>>>>>>>> FWIW, Japan is still very much a cash-based society. Indeed, they still
>>>>>>>>>> use faxes.
>>>>>>>>> Germany has a reputation for not liking *credit* cards, and the
>>>>>>>>> Netherlands for having proprietary *debit* cards. I never cease to be
>>>>>>>>> amazed the way shops in Switzerland will take the equivalent of a £100
>>>>>>>>> note for cup of coffee without blinking. And yet so many machines are
>>>>>>>>> coin-only.
>>>>>>>> Germany has changed. On a business trip to Munich I experimented how
>>>>>>>> far I could get without cash. Everywhere, including the taxi driver,
>>>>>>>> accepted my credit card, except for a small bakery come coffee shop.
>>>>>>>> Netherlands is the only place where the difference between visa and
>>>>>>>> MasterCard was important. A supermarket would accept visa but not
>>>>>>>> MasterCard.
>>>>>>> Most retailers in Sweden really don't want cash, AIUI.
>>>>>>> I actually spoke not too long ago with somebody there about that, and
>>>>>>> he told me that he has not carried cash in a while.
>>>>>> My local garden centre, even through lock-down, wouldn't accept credit
>>>>>> cards for less than £10. They also have a stall at the weekly market
>>>>>> (mainly selling bedding plants and flowers), and have big signs up
>>>>>> saying "Cash Only".
>>>>> If WH Smith can’t change £10, cash has had its day
>>>>> <>
>>>> I, quite literally, can’t remember the last time I *had* to pay with cash.
>>>> Which brings me to a related matter. At petrol stations where every pump is
>>>> pay at pump significant numbers of folk, around half, still go to pay
>>>> inside and most don’t come out with kiosk additional purchases. My, perhaps
>>>> uncharitable, thought is this is a way of disposing of cash in hand
>>>> earnings that don’t go through the books.
>>> I used to do it to get a VAT receipt which the pumps don't provide. Also
>>> I suspect they don't deal with loyalty cards, eg Nectar.
>> Never having the need of a VAT receipt it is something I don’t understand.
>> Why isn’t the standard receipt (which pay at pump devices issue unless they
>> have run out of paper) good enough?
>> Newer pay at pump machines accept loyalty cards, either by inserting them
>> or using a scanner.
> I like to have a receipt with the number of litres of fuel stated (and the
> price per litre), whereas sometimes in-store all you get is the card
> transaction receipt unless you ask for the VAT receipt (which has the
> information I want). OTOH the receipts printed at the pump usually have the
> relevant information on them, IMX.



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aus+uk / / Re: Where to put my railcard on my Oyter card at Heathrow?


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