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aus+uk / / Re: Woman killed as car ends up on Tube tracks

o Woman killed as car ends up on Tube tracksRoland Perry

Re: Woman killed as car ends up on Tube tracks


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From: (Roland Perry)
Newsgroups: uk.railway,
Subject: Re: Woman killed as car ends up on Tube tracks
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2022 10:17:04 +0100
Organization: Roland Perry
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 by: Roland Perry - Sat, 27 Aug 2022 09:17 UTC

In message <te8dkc$3n2r9$>, at 19:05:01 on Thu, 25 Aug
2022, MB <> remarked:
>On 25/08/2022 16:47, Roland Perry wrote:
>> aka "Pumps three"
>> Most sites they send two, and the first to arrive assesses the
>> and potentially requests more. Unless there's a specific default for
>> more than two. It's probably at least a dozen for somewhere like
>> Westminster Abbey.
>It used to be an immediate response of two appliances for any domestic
>fire (incident?) but some years ago they scaled back so one would
>respond and another be on standby.
>Other locations tended to have one or two immediate then some more
>within ten minutes, more in twenty minutes etc etc.
>Most of the North of Scotland (i.e. everywhere escept Inverness) relies
>on retained crews and some places might only have one appliance so
>perhaps slightly different with some put on standby or moved around to
>ensure cover.

Not just north of Scotland. Many places have retained crews with just
one appliance. My earlier remarks were about London.

There was an especially grievous incident about a decade ago in a
village in Oxfordshire that I used to live in, where despite the
retained fire station being only a few hundred yards away, they had to
let a shop in the High Street burn to the ground because they were one
short of crew members, and H&S rules said they couldn't engage. Instead
everyone had to wait for an appliance from a village ten miles away to
get there.
Roland Perry

aus+uk / / Re: Woman killed as car ends up on Tube tracks


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