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The only real advantage to punk music is that nobody can whistle it.

aus+uk / / Debbie is on ITV

* Debbie is on ITVJ. P. Gilliver
`- Re: Debbie is on ITVjohn ashby

Debbie is on ITV


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From: (J. P. Gilliver)
Subject: Debbie is on ITV
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 by: J. P. Gilliver - Sat, 2 Mar 2024 07:37 UTC

Tamsin is on Alan's show.
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"The right to be heard does not include the right to be taken seriously."
- Hubert H. Humphrey

Re: Debbie is on ITV


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From: (john ashby)
Subject: Re: Debbie is on ITV
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2024 10:12:27 +0000
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 by: john ashby - Sat, 2 Mar 2024 10:12 UTC

On 02/03/2024 07:37, J. P. Gilliver wrote:
> Tamsin is on Alan's show.

She also apparently appears in Noel Fielding's new show about Dick Turpin.


aus+uk / / Debbie is on ITV


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