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Re: Republic assistant minister


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From: (Rod Speed)
Newsgroups: aus.politics,
Subject: Re: Republic assistant minister
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2022 21:29:05 +1000
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 by: Rod Speed - Wed, 8 Jun 2022 11:29 UTC

On Wed, 08 Jun 2022 20:32:33 +1000, Max <max@val.morgan> wrote:

> On 8/06/2022 7:44 pm, Rod Speed wrote:
>> On Wed, 08 Jun 2022 19:02:27 +1000, Max <max@val.morgan> wrote:
>>> On 7/06/2022 10:25 pm, Fran wrote:
>>>> On 7/06/2022 6:07 pm, Max wrote:
>>>>> On 6/06/2022 10:22 pm, Fran wrote:
>>>>>> On 6/06/2022 4:42 pm, Max wrote:
>>>>>>> On 6/06/2022 4:31 pm, Rod Speed wrote:
>>>>>>>> Max <max@val.morgan> wrote
>>>>>>>>> Ozix wrote
>>>>>>>>>> Max wrote
>>>>>>>>>>> To be appointing a "Republic Assistant Minister" (to
>>>>>>>>>>> Thistlethwaite) is ridiculous, when the question of a republic
>>>>>>>>>>> needs to be decided by referendum.
>>>>>>>>>>> There should no ministers named as such until a referendum
>>>>>>>>>>> decides there should be a republic.
>>>>>>>>>> You've gone gaga over Liz Windsor's 70 year pompfest, haven't
>>>>>>>>>> you?
>>>>>>>>> I voted Yes to a republic in 1999. I would vote No because now
>>>>>>>>> I realise how dangerous it would be to have some Aussie fool
>>>>>>>>> being our head of state.
>>>>>>>> So you would rather have some pommy fuckwit that
>>>>>>>> was actually stupid enough to be conned into marrying
>>>>>>>> a stupid bimbo and kept on with his slut on the side ?
>>>>>>> Yes, given that we were actually settled by England, and have the
>>>>>>> same system of government and laws,
>>>>>> No, we do not have the same system of Government and laws.
>>>>>> Our system is unique.
>>>>> There may be some slight differences, such as federalism, but most
>>>>> of what we have here is from England.
>>>>> Councils, the traditions of parliament, the way the public service
>>>>> operates. English law still still holds precedent in Australia, and
>>>>> the whole legal system is virtually the same.
>>>>> All of it is from England, except for the federal government and the
>>>>> existence of states, and that is just because of the spatially large
>>>>> nature of our continent.
>>>> 'English' law does not hold precedent in Australia.
>>> English cases do have precedent in Australia

>> Bullshit they do.

> Yes they do.

Bullshit they do.

>>> unless there has been a more recent Australian case that covers the
>>> same law.

>> Wrong, as always. Our black letter law is very different in
>> a host of areas and some states have binned common law.

> No states have binned common law.

Wrong, as always.

> Some just have a criminal code whereas others don't.

Even sillier and more pig ignorant that you usually manage and that's
saying something.

>>> And apart from a few
>>>> similarities, such as Councils and the devolution of power stemming
>>>> from the Monarch, we're very different. The Poms don't even have a
>>>> Cosntitution and they have an upper house the is undemocratic.
>>>>> We are a child of England, and to become a republic would be like
>>>>> disowning one's mother or father.
>>>> LOL. Some children just never try to grow up and leave home. I'm
>>>> not one of them.

aus+uk / / Re: Republic assistant minister


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