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Anybody who doesn't cut his speed at the sight of a police car is probably parked.

aus+uk / / Queensland double jeopardy case [murder]

o Queensland double jeopardy case [murder]Ozix

Queensland double jeopardy case [murder]


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From: (Ozix)
Subject: Queensland double jeopardy case [murder]
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 07:00:01 +0800
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 by: Ozix - Tue, 25 Apr 2023 23:00 UTC

So they need compelling new evidence. But the other intersting part is this:

There are legal restrictions preventing the publication of information
identifying a person who is the subject of an application to be retried
under exception to double jeopardy provisions.
Media are reminded of their obligations under Chapter 68, section 678K
of the Qld Criminal Code.
A contravention of a prohibition on publication under this section is
punishable as contempt of the Supreme Court.
As such, no further information will be released by police under any

But given that they said "2009 murder", surely people can figure out who
it is?

aus+uk / / Queensland double jeopardy case [murder]


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