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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part K - Daryl Kabatoff


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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part K - Daryl Kabatoff
September 29th 2023 1:17 pm 225,152 words (262 pages)

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer
“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

In the news (not the mainstream news) in February 2023, the mayor of New York City is giving bus tickets for the invaders so that they may be bused to Plattsburgh New York, and from there they continue on to Roxham Road where they enter Canada illegally. The RCMP (they work for King Charles, the Islamic Anti-Christ) assists the invaders (many are Moslems) to enter Canada and assist them to be provided with housing in hotels in Montreal, and with food, clothes, medical care, schooling, and money, far more money than is provided to Canadians. Then from there the invaders travel on to western Canadian cities where they rip off the seniors and rape the women. Charles is fabulously wealthy and has been using his wealth to fund the spread of Islam into western nations for decades. The Catholic church is supportive of Canada being invaded by the Islamists. Soon the pope will hand over all the authority of the Catholic church to this Islamic Anti-Christ who heads The Church of England, a supposedly Protestant church. Canadians spent millions of dollars having me detained and tortured in psychiatric facilities and laughed and laughed at me when I begged for assistance to flee the country and now they spend millions of dollars on a daily basis just supporting the invaders who arrived here over the course of only the last few weeks. Doukhobours were some of the previous Canadian immigrants that arrived here legally, the Canadian government took away their children and took away their houses and took away their land and placed the Doukhobours into prisons, because the Doukhobours back then did not speak kindly of the mainstream churches, and the Doukhobors back then did not turn trees into decorated idols. Rather than press the Canadian government for the return of their land, the Doukhobours now instead join with the pope, Hitler, Obama, Mickey Mouse and the Islamic Anti-Christ and turn trees into decorated idols, while ignoring or laughing at the victims of psychiatric horror. Those Doukhobors that are established and gained some degree of wealth and security in Canada care little about the stolen land, while most of the Doukhobors descendents are collecting welfare or work for peanuts, and live in basement suites that they turn into blinkin’ temples of fertility, or they sleep at the Salvation Army. Canadians have priorities and maintain religious observances that have absolutely NOTHING to do with either compassion or with God’s Word. Established Doukhobors who have some degree of wealth show zero compassion for the Doukhobors that lost their land and who now do not have a pot to piss in. The established Doukhobors hand over cash to Trudeau and tell themselves it is the compassionate thing to do.

Not in the news, I learn in March 2023 that a young feller in Blaine Lake Saskatchewan was caught driving with an elevated blood-alcohol content. The penalty levied against him included the loss of his gun license. Many native people live near Blaine Lake, the majority of them hunt without having any gun license at all. Until recently on each Treaty Day the RCMP would hand over boxes of bullets to the Indians on the reserves, even when those Indians did not have a gun license. This was hidden from most of the Indians on the reserves, they had the option to either receive a $5 bill or a box of bullets from the RCMP officer, but the vast majority of them did not know the option existed and instead accepted the $5 bill (the Indian chiefs and other officials on the reserves never informed their people of the option, and instead gave away quarter sections of land to their friends and family members). Now the young white man that lost his gun license has the option to complain, and would then risk incarceration and torture in psychiatric facilities.

In the news (not the mainstream news) in mid March 2023 Breitbart reported that banks and major corporations have handed billions of dollars over to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement. Now these banks are collapsing, and the American taxpayers will bail them out. Major corporations gave BLM and related causes $82.9 billion dollars, JP Morgan donated over $30 billion, Bank of America donated over $18 billion, Goldman Sachs donated over $10 billion and Bancorp donated another $2.8 billion. Canadian and American First Nations peoples still do not have clean drinking water. Again, you may counteract this mess by getting bigger trees and decorating them to greater degrees, as they are fertility idols, they will restore your fertility and save your nations (Proverbs 1:24-26).

In the news the emergency wards in the three Saskatoon hospitals are jam packed while the ambulances idle and the ambulance attendants wait there… what a good job, the ambulance attendants get called to a home in Saskatoon due to somebody having a stroke, then the attendants spend 10 minutes or so trying to insure that the victim indeed suffered a stroke. Then they decide that the victim needs to be extracted from the house so they call the fire department. The firemen eventually come with their huge fire truck and move the stroke victim to the ambulance. Then the ambulance attendants take the stroke victim to the hospital and waits with him or her for hours on end… the job pays quite well.

The ambulance attendant who eventually decided to phone the fire department in order to obtain the assistance to get my dad (who suffered a major stroke) into his ambulance, was an effeminate male, his arms had no mass to them, he spoke in an effeminate manner as well. One would think that if the job entails moving incapacitated victims, that the individuals hired for the job could accomplish the task (rather than be hired because they attempt to emulate females).

Also in the news people are complaining that Saskatoon City Hall allows cross-dressing homosexuals entry into the change rooms where they expose their genitals to the children. Phil Tank of the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix basically says that there are so few people engaged in this activity that people should ignore the situation. In 1988 I complained that the churches were censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism, and said that it was no surprise that your priests and ministers are ramming their penises up your children’s arseholes for they already advertise themselves with Egyptian penises in the roofs of their filthy churches, then faced years of brutal horrid torture from primarily a Hindu who said that I think too much about penises, cannibals and children. People laughed and laughed and laughed, called me a pedophile and assaulted me further. The Star-Phoenix repeated internet and usenet libel and called me a pedophile, resulting in quite a bit of additional stress in my life (to say the least). Now Phil Tank wants you to ignore the men lurking in your daughter’s and wive’s and mother’s changing rooms, exposing their genitals. I think the situation is absolutely hilarious, the people of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada are Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshippers, they get what they deserve.

In the mainstream news on March 24th 2023, Canadians paid over $55 million for the pope’s apology tour last year. The Big-Nosed Cree are outraged and say that money could have assisted them overcome the trauma of the sexual abuse perpetrated upon them by the priests and nuns. The Indians were complaining of the sexual abuse in the 1980’s and the media provided them with a voice back then. So I thought that I should be able to speak out against the sexual abuse as well, and in 1988 I did so. I spoke out against the churches, saying it was no surprise that the priests and ministers ram their penises up your children’s arseholes for they already advertise themselves with Egyptian penises on the roofs of their filthy churches. I added that they were censoring Scripture condemning turning trees into decorated idols, and censored Scriptural references to cannibalism. They tortured me brutally for years, said that I thought too much about penises, children and cannibals. I begged in vain for assistance to flee the country and everybody laughed at me. Since 1988 the Big-Nosed Cree must have collectively spent far more than $55 million adopting the Catholic fertility rite of turning trees into decorated idols. Then at One Arrow First Nation they decided to place a statue of their ancestral chief upon an Egyptian penis. Then in North Battleford the Big-Nosed Cree helped Graham Construction build new psychiatric torture facilities with money borrowed from the children. Then the Big-Nosed Cree appealed to the United Nations Islamic Army when Gerald Stanley was found not-guilty for shooting one of their drunken members who was robbing him and other farmers the same day. Then using the mainstream media in July 2020, Doug Cuthand (speaks for all the grandmothers) urged the Canadian Indians to ally with blacks (Islamists, Anarchists and Marxists) in their war against the white man.

In the news (not the mainstream news) in March 2023, I learned that the tetanus jabs are not to prevent tetanus, but are designed to prevent fertility. Nobody dies from tetanus, the disease was hyped in order to sterilize people. There are a number of videos on discussing the issue.

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aus+uk / / Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part K - Daryl Kabatoff


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