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Earth Destroyed by Solar Flare -- film clips at eleven.

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o Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part I - Daryl KabatoffSqueak

Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part I - Daryl Kabatoff


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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part I - Daryl Kabatoff
September 29th 2023 1:17 pm 225,152 words (262 pages)

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

In the news on December 1st 2021 Tucker Carlson reports that 82% of the American people abided by Biden’s (Obama, the homosexual Indonesian Islamist whispers in Biden’s ear and tells him what to do and say) insistence that they take the death jab. The death jab destroys people’s immune systems, destroys heart muscles, sterilizes and kills. The majority of the Islamists in America are not taking the death jab as they don’t have jobs to go to, they are looking forward to you abandoning your houses. They are going to rename your buildings, streets, hiways, cities, states and your entire nation, perhaps it will become The United Islamic States of Arabia, or Mohammadsland, or Unitedstan, or some damn thing like that. They will use your tombstones to build new mosques. And you will own nothing and you will be happy. Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist) managed to kill 82% of the American people without even firing a shot, he is a military genius. And Trudeau, the Islamist leader of Canada who demands Canadians take the death jab, should also be henceforth considered as another military great, not a fool at all. Trudeau and Obama are the present rulers of Canada and the United States of America, both are Islamic and together they are killing off the majority of the citizens of these two countries, and this is while allowing Islamists to flood in and exempting them from taking the death jabs. Trudeau and Obama must be viewed as among the greatest mass murderers that ever existed in the history of planet earth, truly these two must be seen as being among the most successful military leaders that ever lived. Deploying Canadian and American soldiers to the other side of the world to defend one group of Islamists who treat their cattle better than women in place of another group of Islamists who treat their cattle better than women went a long way in advancing the cause of Islam in the west. It is simply amazing that the people in North America would abide by the dictates of Islamists who demand that their own children, who are immune to the manipulated bat viruses, be administered death jabs (neither Covid nor viruses have been proven to exist). In their defense, the Americans were happily taking the Islamic death jabs because they thought it was a senile 78-year-old white man who was demanding it. Even after Biden shat himself while visiting the pope, the Americans still abided by his dictates and took their boosters. Americans did not trust in God any more, they trusted in Biden, even after he shat himself. All people really care about is to get a tree that blinks. Stalin had the Russian kids build composite Yaks that outperformed the German fighters, while Obama and Trudeau had the American and the Canadian kids killed.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the (Islamic) United Nations (aka Prince Charles, the Islamic Anti-Christ) is censoring the internet, people who are questioning the mainstream media are having their websites blocked, and we can soon expect that people who are publishing stories questioning the existence of global warming are to soon to have their websites censored from the internet as well (see UN Taking Down Private Websites - Domain Level Censorship, by Wardo Rants). Also in the news (not the mainstream news) the (Islamic) United Nations (aka Prince Charles, The Islamic Anti-Christ) is deploying an elite militia that can be quickly deployed to trouble spots (places where people are demanding their human rights and demanding that the Islamic invasion ceases). It is imperative that the global warming (aka climate change) narrative be pushed so that people in the western world cease using fossil fuels to defend their nations from foreign (Chinese and Islamic) invasion. Instead of just arresting people under the Mental Health Act and torturing them when they dare to point out the pagan fertility rites being taught by the mainstream churches, soon people will be arrested under the Mental Health Act and tortured by Islamic psychiatrists for daring to question the global warming (aka climate change) narrative, for opposing the Islamic invasion, for opposing the poison death jabs, for speaking out against teaching children to become sodomites and forcing them to remove their breasts and sexual organs, and for speaking in defense of The Constitution of the United States of America. Most people don’t want to be tortured in psychiatric facilities and so will continue to defend the Catholic fertility rites and defend the Islamic and communist invasions of their nations, they do as they are told and will even willingly take poison death jabs. Prince Charles (the Islamic Anti-Christ) has a very large army that was built and is run by using fossil fuels, he is the defender of faith who has been using his fabulous wealth to fund the spread of Islam for decades. None (absolutely zero) of Charles’ tanks, planes, ships or guns run on or were built using lithium batteries, solar panels or windmills. With over 800 concentration camps in America, built and waiting for the Americans to enter, I imagine anybody on the outside who attempts to use the internet to complain will have their websites censored and their presence noted. And I believe that when the unjabbed Americans are forced into these 800+ concentration camps, they will continue to turn trees into blinkin’ idols, and will continue to ridicule, libel and assault those who dare to question this and other Catholic fertility rites.

Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and a cannibal) turned trees into decorated idols with the medals of the American war dead and Americans loved it, it became another way for them to honour their fertility tree idols. They turned trees into fertility idols then lost their fertility to Obama’s poison death jabs. Americans placed decorated wreaths made from evergreen tree branches upon the graves of the American war dead, they used the graves of the war dead to push their pagan fertility rites upon the rest of the nation, and then they loved it when they saw that Obama (the homosexual Indonesian Islamist) turned trees into decorated idols with the medals of the American war dead. They laughed at me when I complained of the psychiatric horror and told me to take a pill, then they had their children, seniors and war vets drugged senseless, then they took the homosexual Indonesian Islamist’s poison death jab and continued laughing.. The situation is just as hilarious as when you laughed at the victims of psychiatric horror and told them to take a pill. Now that you took Obama’s and Trudeau’s poison death jabs, maybe you should also take a pill. I suggest you take a pill that makes your hair fall out, makes your skin hard and dry, makes your jaw lock open, makes your tongue and lips turn into hard leather, and makes you more nauseas than you ever thought possible (just like those being tortured to death by the psychiatrists). Make sure that all the medication you take all has “death” as a known side effect. Then make sure to tithe to the clergy that rams their penises up your children’s arseholes, and only because their churches have really nice trees that blink (or is it because they give you assurances that your smitten children are up in heaven, looking down upon you?). And if you don’t find that funny, maybe we can get Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) to laugh at you and the other people being brutalized wherever and whenever, as she doths it very well. Somebody has to laugh, if you aren’t laughing then we should get somebody who will.

In the news 24-year-old Wahdan Yahia Ismaeil stabbed three people at a homosexual nightclub in downtown Saskatoon on December 4th 2021, he was in possession of cocaine, a knife, a large amount of cash, two cell phones and a handgun. Events such as this were unheard of in Saskatoon before the Islamists arrived. Also in the news 26-year-old Japjee Minhas, 26-year-old Ali Sarfraz, 28-year-old Rajandeep Singh, and 23-year-old Andrew Karamat were charged for dealing in Cocaine, Fentanyl, Meth, and Marijuana… police seized $226,000 in cash, 4177.96 grams of Cocaine, 166.99 grams of Fentanyl, 67.06 grams of Methamphetamine, 568.92 grams of Marijuana and 6 vehicles. People are dying in large numbers from Cocaine, Fentanyl and Meth, these people are sure to receive light sentences from the Freemason (Satanist) judges, nothing like the horror I faced as a reward for postering and criticizing the paganism in the churches. Also in the news the wealthy Sikh farmers in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia Canada are suffering from the recent flooding, it is evident that Sikhs are buying up Canadian land and properties with money they make from trafficking in drugs. In Canada only Sikh children can go to school armed, they are very special people. The little daggers they all conceal are far from toys, the Sikh children are trained to hit your femoral artery so you bleed out. Put them all on jets and ships and send them all back to the Punjab, let them fight for a homeland over there.

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aus+uk / / Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part I - Daryl Kabatoff


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