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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part A - Daryl Kabatoff


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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part A - Daryl Kabatoff
September 29th 2023 1:17 pm 225,152 words (262 pages)
“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard


Aviation, Boating, TIG Welding
ATV’s, Mini-Trucks
4x4’s, 6x6’s, 8x8’s
Tracked Vehicles
Velodrome and Bicycles
Wooden Aircraft, Boats and Cars
Horse Drawn Wagons
Bison and Affordable Home Ownership
Live Steam Engines
Relatively Smaller Stuff
Banking, Wealth Management
Diamonds, Gold and Money
Female Fashion Trends
Pants That Fit
Largest Building in Saskatchewan
British, German and Russian History
Islamic History
Big-Nosed Cree
Gun Laws, Ballistics
Native Governance
Restaurants and Fine Dining
Appeasement and Being Nice
Law of 22 Prairial
Psychiatric Abuse, Horror
Blinkin’ Lights and Fertility Rites
Metallurgy and “Science”
Son of Sam
Yaks and Yakutia (The Sakha Republic)
Magadan and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
Thomas Mick, Restoring the American Republic
Religion and Humor
The Anti-Christ Revealed
Red and White Depopulation Jabs
El Nino and La Nina Climate Oscillations


Run in rural and city elections as “Republic”, and affirm that you are defending:

1) the right to own property, including land and guns
2) the right to grow food and other plants, to raise and prepare animals for food, to sell your food
3) the right to decide upon the education of your children
4) the right to free speech and beliefs
5) the right to not be forced into psychiatric or any other medical care
6) the right to be paid in real money which is gold and silver coins, the right to mine a small gold claim in your nation
7) the right to not have your tax money used to support foreigners, many of whom desire our deaths. The right not to have your tax money used to support people of your own nationality, many of which are in need due to their poor habits. The right to not have your tax money used to support medical “care” for anybody, as it is now evident that the “care” provided for many is designed to maim and kill. The right not to have your tax money used to fight wars in foreign nations, as it is evident that the wars are designed to impoverish people of our own nation and bring about our own demise. The right not to have your tax money used to support schools, as these schools are teaching children to alter their sex, engage in abhorrent sexual behavior, to adopt Catholic fertility rites… the schools teach your children to become docile communists and are used to encourage your children to hand over their nations over to Islamists
8) the right to “freely” innovate, to fly your own aviation creations and to operate other mobile creations without government interference, with either no or minimal taxation, the right to movement

Affirm that you support these eight points on your election literature and run for office under the “Republic” ticket. Defend the Republic of the United States of America, fight for a Republic in Canada and in other nations. If you are not comfortable publicly defending the idea of a Republic (as opposed to a democracy which always seems to lead to a dictatorship), then you can still affirm you are defending the points listed above in your election literature.

I believe that people should also have the right to innovate and place their own automotive creations on the roads but should be taxed for road construction and road maintenance. Somewhat similarly, people flying will have to pay for airport landing and storage fees should they choose to land at and fly from such facilities. People flying or driving their own creations should have affordable insurance available to them, they should be allowed to pay the same low rate required to insure a 20-year-old mid-sized automobile, or even a lower rate as an incentive, in order to motivate people to innovate and create. Governments should continue to insure that the private aircraft are not a hazard to the commercially flown aircraft and restrict their flight in certain locations. Regardless, governments should be giving people options and not taking options away.

I believe that people should NOT be handed free homes paid for by taxing others, nor be provided with welfare assistance so they may pay rent to landlords. Any financial assistance directed to housing should be directed toward the purchase of materials (ideally concrete) for the construction of small homes. And people should be able to sell the food they grow and raise without having to employ lawyers to assist them to fill out scads of documents, and then pay taxes so that hundreds of thousands of government bureaucrats can analyze and store the information.

Inflation is NOT rising prices, rising prices is but a result of inflating the paper money supply. By paying people in gold and silver coins (instead of paper dollar bills), inflation of the paper money supply and the resulting increase in the prices of consumer goods would be eliminated, thereby allowing people to earn enough money (gold and silver coins) so they may purchase or build a home, unless they piss their money away. Gold-bearing regions in Canada should be opened up to the average Canadian so they may stake and work a claim. The inflation of the money supply should be limited to the extraction (and importation) of gold and silver and converting this into coins. Gold and silver should not be traded in any electronic or paper form in part to help determine the true value of silver in relationship to gold, and in part to stop criminal activities tied to this ponzi scheme, and in part to get rid of the corrupt banking system. We should be able to transition to a more sane economy based on circulating gold and silver coins, and/or coins containing primarily a mixture of gold and silver without having to resort to persecuting Jews or any other religious group. Using Scripture, (Jewish Laws), we can cancel all the national and personal debts every 49 or 50 years and make land available to the average person. Scripture also suggests that we should tear down the houses belonging to the invaders, and use the materials to secure our borders.

Many millions of acres of land in Canada and the USA that are gold-bearing are being mined by foreigners or by those Canadians and Americans who provide themselves with special privileges, or have the funds to climb legal hurdles (government restrictions on your freedom requiring teams of lawyers to overcome), or the land and the wealth within is claimed by the crown, it is land that citizens should be able to work in order to build wealth for themselves. Absolutely massive claims in very rich gold bearing areas in Canada are off limits to the average Canadian. Similarly Canadians have some massive and very rich claims in America. It costs a lot of money for some foreigners to come to North America and start gold mining operations, and much of this money that comes to North America from the distant lands is gained by crime, by exploiting (enslaving) women and children…

Homeless people can be provided with a small (I suggest 200 square feet with a 17 foot ceiling) concrete structure in the countryside where they may pay a mortgage on the land, on the concrete poured, and on the oil stove, door and windows installed. People can live in tents and trailers in the gold-bearing regions where they would have the right to mine the metal, should they wish they may return to the protection of their small permanent concrete home located in a non-mining area, perhaps in another province or state… that is if they have their mortgage payments on these small concrete houses up to date (which should not be hard as many would continue to collect welfare from the provincial or state governments that includes a housing allowance). I believe people should have homes and that it should be done in such a way to prevent banks and landlords from benefiting. Help provide the homeless (including the home renters and the apartment dwellers) with small concrete homes in the countryside (at least 20 miles away from the cities), make opportunities available to them so they may pay their mortgages over the course of a single year, make sure these mortgages are paid off before they add to the size of the structure. I suggest that these new homeowners be allowed to add vertically rather than spread out in order to retain land for gardens and for bison. I would like to see this done without using any tax money as politicians should not have the right to give your money to charity, in part because they use these charities to funnel money back to themselves. “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government,” said James Madison. I believe we can solve much of the homeless crisis when governments allow the subdivision of a limited amount of land for specific purpose of creating a bison reserve that doubles as an area for the tiny concrete homes, and by allowing concerned citizens who have wealth to build the concrete structures and expect the investment to be returned via monthly mortgage payments from the occupants. Those who have the wealth to invest in the project should see their investment grow due to their expanding bison herd, and should not have to gouge the home owners (those who are paying the mortgages) huge interest on the concrete structures. Charity is not a part of the government, but a group of people who have wealth can be charitable with their wealth and assist the homeless to have homes. The wealthy would be rewarded with a return of their money, plus they would get a safer, more peaceful and a more productive community, and if projects such as this are widespread it would help the entire nation to thrive.

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aus+uk / / Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part A - Daryl Kabatoff


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