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Yes, but every time I try to see things your way, I get a headache.

aus+uk / / Re: Redo My Flat Play Want Bin (PWBE 26 Apr 2021)

o Re: Redo My Flat Play Want Bin (PWBE 26 Apr 2021)Russell Marks

Re: Redo My Flat Play Want Bin (PWBE 26 Apr 2021)


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From: zgedn...@spam^H^H^H^ (Russell Marks)
Subject: Re: Redo My Flat Play Want Bin (PWBE 26 Apr 2021)
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 by: Russell Marks - Wed, 28 Apr 2021 13:53 UTC

Kendrick Kerwin Chua <> wrote:

> I've just spent GBP200,000 redoing my government-supplied living
> accommodations! I don't have to report this or anything, do I?

Even if you did, I'm pretty sure just denying everything when
questioned would make it magically ok.

> Play:

One Punch Man: A Game^WHero Nobody Knows (PS4) - an anime/manga
licence which reached the dizzying heights of fiftysomething on
Metacritic. I knew it wasn't likely to be the best game ever going in,
and initial impressions were rough, with it being a bit like the
world's crappiest take on the (older) Yakuza games. But if you hold
your nose long enough and get used to things the game does get...
well... slightly less bad. It even gets, dare I say it, sort of
vaguely ok-ish. Maybe. For a fan of OPM.

I can understand one issue the game has. If Saitama wins fights with
one punch, where's the game? They picked arguably the right answer,
you mostly play as your own customisable hero in the Hero Association,
an idea which fits the world like a glove with the pre-existing system
of heroes working their way up from C rank, helping out around town,
and so on. And with the tag-team battles it uses, you get to play as
the other heroes to some extent, even including Saitama at times. It
does feel like the right general direction for the game to have taken.

I think the ultimate problem is the very obvious low budget - the game
might have really worked had it been more properly Yakuza-ish. As-is
though, it's very basic, very repetitive, and one for fans only (if

> Want:


> Bin:

In some ways, King not obviously being playable in OPM:AHNK. Though I
think there's supposed to be a related random event, and a
side-mission or two.

OPM:AHNK bizarrely mapping jump to X in fights but O in the town.


aus+uk / / Re: Redo My Flat Play Want Bin (PWBE 26 Apr 2021)


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