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Re: Oil Sump Pump (thread)

Posted: 26 Days 7 Hours ago by: Fredxx

On the engine I have in mind access to the oil filter is good, so no need for a remote filter. Unscrewing the filter may require a tool, my point was that operating a handpump to empty the oil is a trivial operation. The remote oil fil

Re: Oil Sump Pump (thread)

Posted: 26 Days 9 Hours ago by: Abandoned_Trolley

might as well stick in an oil cooler while you are at it ?

Re: Oil Sump Pump (thread)

Posted: 26 Days 10 Hours ago by: Peter Hill

Have they not heard about remote filter kits? But it adds at least 4 more joints that can piss oil. And needs more oil as the hoses to and from the remote filter have to be filled.

Re: Oil Sump Pump (thread)

Posted: 26 Days 17 Hours ago by: Fredxx

Eh? This device effective replaces the sump plug with a hose and pump. On a narrowboat the sump is a few cm from the base. You simply place the pump at some convenient location. The most difficult part is then replacing the filter.

Re: Oil Sump Pump (thread)

Posted: 26 Days 22 Hours ago by: RJH

Again, if you're going to get under the car and remove any guards to get access to the drain point, you might as well give a spanner a few turns and remove the sump plug. At least, I'm assuming that device is somewhere hard to access?

Re: Oil Sump Pump (thread)

Posted: 27 Days 5 Hours ago by: Fredxx

Some of us boat owners have come up with a smarter method of draining the oil, especially when access to us underside of the sump is problematic:

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