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computers / comp.compression / Question about multiple resolution picture compression

o Question about multiple resolution picture compressionnews

Subject: Question about multiple resolution picture compression
Newsgroups: comp.compression
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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2020 02:15 UTC
Newsgroups: comp.compression
Subject: Question about multiple resolution picture compression
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 19:15:01 -0700
Organization: NNTP Server
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I have question about how to make a effective picture compression that can
store multiple versions of a picture (with different resolutions), being
compressed together (rather than separate).

Has anyone does something like this? Even if not, would you have an idea
how to do such a thing? The colours and shapes are going to be similar in
the different versions by the resolutions, so it seem to me that it could
be compressed to take advantage of that, somehow.

I think this might be helpful in TeXnicard, which I have already posted
about before (see <> for details of
its compression algorithm). This would allow templates to include frames
and icons and other pictures at multiple resolutions, so that you can make
cards printed at multiple resolutions, if that is needed.

In the case of TeXnicard, it would also be useful for it to encode CMYK +
additional separations (if any).

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