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computers / comp.sys.dec / DS10 overheating

o DS10 overheatingPhillip Helbig (undress to reply

Subject: DS10 overheating
From: Phillip Helbig (undr
Newsgroups: comp.os.vms, comp.sys.dec
Organization: Multivax C&R
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 19:21 UTC
From: (Phillip Helbig (undress to reply)
Newsgroups: comp.os.vms,comp.sys.dec
Subject: DS10 overheating
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 19:21:13 +0000 (UTC)
Organization: Multivax C&R
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I have a DS10 which switches off when it gets too hot.  Bad enough, but
the critical temperature has been dropping and is now only about 20
degrees.  I opened it up and there is no build-up of dust or whatever. 
I disconnected the power to some drives which are not in use (I use it
as a satellite in the attic; other machines in the cluster are in the
cellar), but that didn't help.  I didn't power it up while open to see
if the fan actually works, but I haven't noticed any difference in the
sound and presumably if the fan were bad then it wouldn't stay up for
several hours even when the room temperature is just 15 degrees or so.

Any ideas?

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