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Subject: My_dishonest_reviewers:_André,_Ben,_Mike,_Dennis,_Richard_V2
From: olcott
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Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2022 15:26 UTC
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Subject: My_dishonest_reviewers:_André,_Ben,_Mike,_De
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André Isaak, Ben Bacarisse, Mike Terry, Dennis Bush, Richard Damon all take the position against this tautology:

They all take the position that the fact that the input to H(P,P) is non-halting is not an entirely sufficient reason for H to report that its input is non-halting.

The simulated input to H(P,P) cannot possibly reach its own final state of [00000970] it keeps repeating [00000956] to [00000961] until aborted.

[00000956](01)  55              push ebp
[00000957](02)  8bec            mov ebp,esp
[00000959](03)  8b4508          mov eax,[ebp+08]
[0000095c](01)  50              push eax       // push P
[0000095d](03)  8b4d08          mov ecx,[ebp+08]
[00000960](01)  51              push ecx       // push P
[00000961](05)  e8c0feffff      call 00000826  // call H(P,P)
The above keeps repeating until aborted

[00000966](03)  83c408          add esp,+08
[00000969](02)  85c0            test eax,eax
[0000096b](02)  7402            jz 0000096f
[0000096d](02)  ebfe            jmp 0000096d
[0000096f](01)  5d              pop ebp
[00000970](01)  c3              ret            // final state.
Size in bytes:(0027) [00000970]

computation that halts … the Turing machine will halt whenever it enters a final state. (Linz:1990:234)

Halting problem undecidability and infinitely nested simulation (V5)

Copyright 2022 Pete Olcott

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit;
  Genius hits a target no one else can see."
  Arthur Schopenhauer

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