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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 22:08 UTC
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Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.vintage
Subject: New game: "The Queen's Footsteps"
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A new text adventure game has been released that runs on a variety of old computers. It can be downloaded for free or for some versions bought as a proper boxed copy with floppy disks.

    The Queen's Footsteps
    A modern text adventure for vintage computers.

    The Queen's Footsteps is a text adventure game that you can play
    on your vintage computers. A text adventure is a game where all
    the interaction takes places with text and you instruct your
    alter ego by typing command at a prompt. The rest is done by
    your fantasy!

    C64, VIC20+32K, C128, Plus/4, PET models with at least 32K of RAM, 
    Amiga, CPC 664 or CPC6128, MSX, ZX Spectrum 48K, ZX Spectrum +3,
    MS-DOS, Macintosh 68k, CP/M, Olivetti M20, RC2014, Commander X16.

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