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Computers are like air conditioners. Both stop working, if you open windows. -- Adam Heath

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Posted: 8 Days 17 Hours ago by: Marc Lewis

+ User FidoNet address: 1:396/45 Hello all. USENET is an interesting place - - lots of good info. AND _lots_ of spam! At Sursum Corda BBS (both dial-up and via telnet) we employ a constantly expanding group of filters to trap a great deal

The Vault TV - First textmode television


Posted: 17 Days 4 Hours ago by: Don Epi

Hi, textmode friends! Nice to meet you here, at the USENET realm... Come and check (telnet 2323) and test The Vault TV, a "textmode broadcasting" that shows several hundreds of curated ANSI and ASCII art... you don

Re: Documentary on BBSs (thread)


Posted: 29 Days 9 Hours ago by: zero

Thanks, I find it to be a piece of history. I could watch it on Youtube on its author's channel. He shares it for free.

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