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Re: Filtering and summation of data (thread)

Posted: 15 Hours 26 Minutes ago by: Jörg_Buchholz

Do you mean the second graph like this? set terminal pngcairo size 1400,1000 enhanced font ",20" set output "DemoSum.png" $DemoData << EOD Timestamp, Category, Value 2022-05-19 05:55:00, test1, 5 2022-05-19 09:16:00, test2, 15 2022-05-

Re: Filtering and summation of data (thread)

Posted: 21 Hours 40 Minutes ago by: Jörg_Buchholz

stats $DemoData u(strcol(2) eq "test1" ? $3:1/0) sum_test1 = STATS_sum print sum_test1 this is one way to get information for one category inside gnuplot. Jörg

Filtering and summation of data

Posted: 4 Days 8 Hours ago by: thomas.lehm...@googl

Hi, considering data in a table where value are categorized. I would like to be able a) to filter data for a plot by category and b) I would like to sum up all values with same category being able to display it in a plot with box. Import

eepic terminal

Posted: 4 Days 14 Hours ago by: Sinasi Ellialtioglu

I have been using eepic terminal for over 20 years until the version 5.4 came out. Now my old eepic outputs can see the epic and eepic styles with no problem, but I can no longer produce new eepic outputs since it is not default anymore. I

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