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My little brother got this fortune: nohup rm -fr /& So he did...

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Signess issues in dxe3gen.c inhibits the compilation of the


Posted: 1 Day 23 Hours ago by: Juan Manuel Guerrero

In /cvs/djgpp/djgpp/src/dxe/dxe3gen.c 2023/01/31 20:15:02 1.28 the variables max_names and num_names are declared as unsigned int. Later at line 1323 in dxe3gen.c, num_names gets compared with n_exp_syms that is declared as LONG32 in dxe.h

Re: no-gui compile linux apps


Posted: 19 Days 9 Hours ago by: Eli Zaretskii (eliz@

I don't think I understand what you are asking here. Are you asking whether you could easily compile those programs with DJGPP? I very much doubt it is as easy as running the Make command, since some source-level changes are almost certa

no-gui compile linux apps


Posted: 20 Days 1 Hour ago by:

My plain text dialup shell ISP has several linux packages insalled under bash on BSD but without GUI. I am led to beliieve all it takes is a small "switch" (ie / or --) during compilation? I am not familiar with Make files, but I have us

Monthly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP


Posted: 26 Days 17 Hours ago by: DJ Delorie

This is the Mini-FAQ for djgpp. $Date: 2022/09/22 18:35:58 $ ------------------------------- -- This is posted monthly to the djgpp news group and mailing list. -- What is DJGPP? DJGPP is a 32-bit C/C++/ObjC

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