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Variables don't; constants aren't.

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NTP With Authentication


Posted: 5 Days ago by: DMan

How do you gain the keys necessary to configure ntp with authentication? Testing ntp with auth.

Re: [questions] Re: [ntp: questions] ntp pool servers disappear


Posted: 25 Days 22 Hours ago by: Opty

Another attempt resulted in "There is already an account with the login name" so I tried to log in but 3 of my passwords didn't work. Then I tried to reset my password and... it worked! o_O No confirmation e-mail ever a

[questions] List-Id and X-BeenThere headers


Posted: 25 Days 22 Hours ago by: Steve 'Hollywood' So

They should be included in all list messages, going forward. Thanks --Steve

Re: Unknown peer listed in ntpq -p output (thread)


Posted: 28 Days 7 Hours ago by: Miroslav Lichvar

If they have a valid key, they can create symmetric associations with your server by specifying your server as a peer in their config. You would need to have the "noepeer" option in the restrictions to prevent that, but this option is n

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