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RFD: Charter/moderation policy change, news.groups.proposals


Posted: 3 Days 2 Hours ago by: Usenet Big-8 Managem

REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD) moderated group news.groups.proposals This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) to suspend the charter and moderation policy of the Usenet newsgroup

Usenet Hierarchy Administration FAQ


Posted: 8 Days 7 Hours ago by: Russ Allbery

Last-modified: 2018-07-16 Posted-by: postfaq 1.17 (Perl 5.28.1) Archive-name: usenet/hierarchy-admin URL: Posting-frequency: monthly This FAQ attempts to provide help to Usenet hierarchy

How to add de.ALL


Posted: 21 Days 17 Hours ago by: moderator

The hierarchy de.ALL is the international German-speaking hierarchy. Please refer to for further information. WARNING: The subhierarchy de.alt.dateien.ALL contains groups with binary content and relatively high volume

The free.* FAQ (version 2.0.1)


Posted: 22 Days 14 Hours ago by: Tim Skirvin

Archive-name: usenet/free/charter Posting-frequency: twice monthly Last-modified: 2001/07/11 Version: 2.0.1 URL: "Everything is permitted. Nothing is forbidden." The F

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