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devel / comp.lang.prolog / ANN: Dogelog Runtime 1.6.2 (Truely Headless)

o ANN: Dogelog Runtime 1.6.2 (Truely Headless)Mild Shock

ANN: Dogelog Runtime 1.6.2 (Truely Headless)


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From: (Mild Shock)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.prolog
Subject: ANN: Dogelog Runtime 1.6.2 (Truely Headless)
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2023 19:47:36 +0200
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 by: Mild Shock - Sun, 13 Aug 2023 17:47 UTC

Dear All,

We are happy to announce a new version 1.6.2 of
the former Jekejeke runtime, now called Dogelog runtime.

- BigDecimal removed:
To align Dogelog Player and Dogelog Runtime we
removed BigDecimal and the recently introduced
Money Type from the arithmetic unit. We managed to
put it into a separate module by overloading the
evaluable functions (+)/2, (*)/2, etc..

- Help texts:
The Dogelog Runtime does now perform command line
options processing in 100% Prolog without the help
of Java. Further we were not only redoing all the
error texts by means of the new multilingual string
infrastructure, but also the help texts, like the
one displayed for the command line.

- Truely headless:
We recently introduced two binary end-products
interpreter.jar and interpreterw.jar, the former
without GUI and the later with GUI. So far they
differed only in the entry point, but now they
differ also in the footprint, the interpreter.jar
doesn't carry any GUI code anymore.

Have Fun!
Jan Burse, 13.08.2023,

devel / comp.lang.prolog / ANN: Dogelog Runtime 1.6.2 (Truely Headless)


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