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devel / comp.lang.python.announce / [Python-announce] Wing Python IDE version 10.0.2 has been released with AI Chat and more

o [Python-announce] Wing Python IDE version 10.0.2 has been released with AI Chat Wingware

[Python-announce] Wing Python IDE version 10.0.2 has been released with AI Chat and more


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From: (Wingware)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.python.announce
Subject: [Python-announce] Wing Python IDE version 10.0.2 has been released with AI Chat and more
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2024 15:58:03 -0500
Organization: Wingware
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 by: Wingware - Fri, 23 Feb 2024 20:58 UTC

Wing Python IDE version 10.0.2 has been released, adding AI chat and
other improvements to Wing Pro's AI assisted development capabilities,
quick toggling between debug stack frames for project and test files,
better UI for auto-imports in the auto-completer, and other improvements
for the debugger, Diff/Merge tool, editor, & other features.


== About Wing ==

Wing is a full-featured but light-weight Python IDE designed
specifically for Python, with powerful editing, code inspection,
testing, and debugging capabilities. Wing's editor provides AI-assisted
development, auto-completion, auto-editing, code navigation, early error
detection, and refactoring that speed up development. Its top notch
debugger works with any Python code, locally or on a remote host,
container, or cluster. Wing also supports test-driven development,
version control, Python package management, UI color and layout
customization, and includes extensive documentation and support.

Wing is available in three product levels:  Wing Pro is the
full-featured Python IDE for professional developers, Wing Personal is a
free Python IDE for students and hobbyists (omits some features), and
Wing 101 is a free Python IDE designed for beginners (omits many features).

Learn more at

devel / comp.lang.python.announce / [Python-announce] Wing Python IDE version 10.0.2 has been released with AI Chat and more


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