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devel / comp.sys.dec / Happy DEC-20 Day!

o Happy DEC-20 Day!Rich Alderson

Happy DEC-20 Day!


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From: (Rich Alderson)
Newsgroups: alt.sys.pdp10,alt.folklore.computers,comp.sys.dec,comp.os.vms
Subject: Happy DEC-20 Day!
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Date: 20 Dec 2023 13:04:42 -0500
Organization: PANIX Public Access Internet and UNIX, NYC
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 by: Rich Alderson - Wed, 20 Dec 2023 18:04 UTC

Happy DEC-20 Day!

As my late friend Mark always noted, TOPS-20 (and the DECSYSTEM-20 on which it
ran) was a great improvement on its successors.

Wishing you a joyous Winter Solstice Festival, however you may choose to
celebrate it.

Rich Alderson
Audendum est, et veritas investiganda; quam etiamsi non assequamur,
omnino tamen proprius, quam nunc sumus, ad eam perveniemus.

devel / comp.sys.dec / Happy DEC-20 Day!


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